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Youth of May Episode 2 Recap

Youth of May: Episode 2 Recap

Youth of May Episode 2 Recap

May of Youth” evokes a pleasant laugh as the popular youth actors, who boast close chemistry, are creating a lively atmosphere of good acting and a warm field.

Myung-hee continued her efforts to be rejected as the guide of the training. Hee-tae didn’t budge at Myung-hee, who hit her one-shot by ordering beer instead of tea or coffee. In the end, Myung-hee said, “I’m a bit of a picky person,” expressing her opposition to the patriarchal system. Hee-tae said, “It’s nice that an ambitious woman is my ideal type. “I don’t want to force a woman to have a child, and I am not on Good terms with my parents.” To knock down a formidable opponent, Myung-hee guided him to a dirty, shabby restaurant. Hee-tae, who was watching Myung-hee eat soup with rice, deliberately pointed out Myung-hee’s intention to bring him to such a place and Myung-hee is Startled, Hee-tae said, “you’ve grown up fine because you’re Chang-Geun’s daughter. I’m not what you think I am. “I grew up picking up leftover food,” he said, adding kkakdugi soup to the rice.

To carry out the final operation, Myung-hee visited the luxury wardrobe and asked Hee-tae to pay for it under the pretext of not bringing her wallet. Hee-tae said, “Don’t think about money, pick everything,” and found Myung-hee’s shoes panting on loan. After shopping, Myung-hee got into a taxi with Hee-tae, who said he would take her to the front of her house. Hee-tae asked Myung-hee about her college life because he knew about the information of a student who was attending law school. Embarrassed by the situation, Myung-hee said, “The class is closed,” and Hee-tae smiled at Myung-hee. Hee-tae successful take her to Soo-Ryeon home, while standing by the gate Myeong-hee see Soo-Chan coming and she Rushes Hee-Tae back to the taxi telling him to call her (Smile) when Hee-Tae asks How can I reach you, She quickly tells the taxi driver to go, through the back class Hee-Tae sees Myeong-hee exchange pleasantries with Soo-Chan.


Therefore, Kim Myeong-Hee tells Soo-Ryeon what happened between them and shows the give that was given to her by Hee-Tae, it was a pair of shoes that fit Myeong-Hee perfectly, Soo-Ryeon Think Hee-Tae is a pervert who is obsessed with a female foot.

Meanwhile, Hee-Tae just reached home and bumps into his father, Hee-Tae tells his father he is just coming from his blind date while his father remain him of how their family’s future depends on their Marriage. (Hmmm…What a mess Hee-Tae is already in love with the wrong person even after the promise he made to his father not to against his decision whatsoever ).

A day after that, Myeong-Hee received a call in the hospital from her brother Kim Myeong-Soo, he tells her he’s in Gwangju and asks Myeong-Hee to come to his running field. After works Myeong-Hee Bump Hee-Tae on her road to visited the stadium to cheer for her younger brother, who is competing in the track and field competition, Myung-hee, who doesn’t have a bus token, Hee-tae readily handed over his token and said, “Please return it with interest,” and then promised to meet at 4 o’clock the next day. Hee-tae greeted Han Suk-Joong (Lee Hwang-UI) of South Jeolla Province at a dinner prepared by his father Hwang Ki-nam (Oh Man-Seok). Seokjung was serving as a bridge connecting the great hands of South Jeolla Province to the tongue-tied Ginam.

Myung-hee’s younger brother Kim Myung-soo (Cho Yi-Hyun) will be qualified for the youth sports event as a representative of South Jeolla Province by taking second place, although he had an accident in which his shoes were peeled off during the match. Hee-Tae’s half-brother Hwang Jung-tae (Choi Seung-hoon) took first place, making the two training colleagues aiming for the youth sports event. Myeong-hee shared her joy with Myeong-soo and met her father after a long time. While dining in a Chinese restaurant, Myeong-hee found her brother’s worn-out shoes and said, “you support to be a runner and look at your the state of your shoes? “With better shoes, you would have won easier,” she grumbled.

“Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business and buy yourself new Shoes,” her dad said. What kind of grown-up women wears shoes like that?” he scolded Myeong-hee. Myung-hee, who was moved by her father who buys her sweet and sour pork, said, “I don’t know where all the money I sent went.” Myung-soo asked his father to allow him to stay with Myung-hee because he had to stay in the city until he entered the youth sports event, but his father refused. Myung-hee retorted, “I’ll take care of Myung-soo until he finishes his training, so don’t mind.” Then, her father left without eating, saying, “You should take care of yourself.”

Meanwhile, When Hee-Tae and Myeong-Hee go for a second date, Myung-hee was slightly embarrassed because she didn’t know how to use the fork, and Hee-tae intentionally asked the restaurant staff how to use it the fork, looking at Myeong-Hee condition. As soon as he was about to eat, Myung-hee’s rude co-workers entered the restaurant. Myung-hee hurriedly covered her face with a menu board, and her co-workers criticized her, saying that she intended to marry a chaebol house. After seeing this, Hee-tae poured water on the fellow doctor’s head and gave him an act of cheerful revenge in place of Myeong-hee. Myeong-hee was surprised to see the scene and sprained her ankle as she left the restaurant, and Hee-tae treated her kindly by wrapping a bandage around her ankle.

Later, Hee-tae asked Myeong-hee on a date, saying, “Let’s see each other again before the cherry blossoms fall.” Myeong-Hee Asked why he hasn’t graduated yet, Hee-tae said, “It’s not that I haven’t graduated, it’s that I postponed. Do you want me to tell you why? But if you know this, we’ll be close. I’m going to enter the university song festival. I can’t do that once I graduate. He said.  I’ll play you a song next time, so do you want to see it before the flowers fall?” Kim Myung-hee said, “Did you write it yourself? All right, then,” he said.

At the end of the play, Hwang Hee-tae, who came to Lee Soo-Ryeon’s house with a gift, saw Lee Soo-ryeon and her friend Kim Myung-hee together and noticed that the two switched positions. Soo-ryeon and Myung-hee were very nervous, but Hwang Hee-tae tactfully said, “you must be surprised that I show up unannounced Soo-ryeon,” raising. questions about future dramatic developments.


The first and second episodes of “May of Youth,” which aired on the 3rd (Monday) and 4th (Tuesday), were not only strongly imprinted on the minds of viewers from the beginning as a youth romance of the 80s but also marked the turn of retro romance with a script that stimulates attention and an energetic acting ensemble of popular actors.



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