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Youth of May Episode 3 recap

Youth of May Episode 3 recap: the unexpected love triangle

Youth of May Episode 3 recap: Open with Hwang Hee-tae (played by Lee Do-Hyun) visited Lee Soo-ryeon (played by Keum Sae-rok)’s house with the gift send by his father Hwang Ki-Nam(Oh Man Seok). Hee-tae was surprised to see Lee Soo-ryeon and Kim Myung-hee (Ko Min-si). Hee-tae said, “You must have been surprised to see me unannounced? Mr. Soo-ryeon,” He smiled. Myeong-hee tried to stay away, though Soo-Ryeon’s Father asks her to stay for food, Myeong-hee feels uncomfortable, she wants to run away, then Hee-Tae said, Myeong-hee can stay he doesn’t have a problem with that. Hee-Tae sight with jealousy as Soo-Chan put his hand on Myeong-hee’s shoulder and Couldn’t take his eyes off Soo-Chan’s hand. Hee-Tae confesses his feelings For Myeon-hee to Lee Soo-Ryeon, instead, Soo-Ryeon tells him that Myeong-hee only agrees to see him, to earn some money and she doesn’t have any feeling for him. After eating when Hee-Tae is about to go the family decided to give him a gift, when they go in to bring the souvenir Hee-Tae holds Myeong-Hee’s hand, he gives her a piece of paper with the address of their next date.

Meanwhile, Soo-Ryeon tells Myeong-Hee what happens between her and Hee-Tae, she asks Myeong-Hee not to see Hee-Tae again. On the same day, Kim Myung-hee went to the meeting place with Hwang Hee-tae and said, “I came out to apologize. I’m sorry I lied to you all this time,” hee-tae responded, by saying “Why are you apologizing? “No one was fooled,” he said. “You can’t see it if you say it. I’ve been wanting to see you. We still do,” he said, adding that he wants to keep seeing her because he like her. Myeong-hee said “I’m not the kind of person you think I am, adding that she is the eldest daughter of a poor family and drop out of high school to take the GED, “Hee-Tae is no an exception as he also has his own flow”, Hee-Tae said “I am an extramarital child and my mother was a bar singer” but is that bad? Myeong-hee then hesitates and couldn’t say anything.

When Hee-Tae meets Soo-Ryeon at the protesting scene and accidents occur with Soo-Ryeon, they end up at Myeong-Hee’s working place where she attended to Soo-Ryeon. Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon were playing like kids, Watching their tit-for-tat, Myung-hee recalls Soo-Chan telling her that the Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon seem likenesses The might even make beautiful Couples and us disappointed.

Myeong-Hee, met Hee-tae on her way home from work, and He is was try to assure his feelings and ask Myeong-hee to tell him how She feels and he will make it simple.” Myeong-Hee said, “I am going to study abroad and I am flying in the next one month, my goal is to live there,” Hee-Tae is heartbroken with this news, She added by saying “lets us not Complicate things and up regretting, instead let’s stop here, She Said.

The next day, Kim Myung-hee and Hwang Hee-tae met at the opening ceremony of lee Soo-chan’s pharmaceutical company. surprised Myung-hee, Soo-ryeon, and Hee-tae, who had already known all the facts, dealt with the two with fortitude. Hee-tae looked at Myung-hee with a faint look and his quick-witted father sensed the strange air flowing between the two. Hee-tae is ostracized as a parasitic son and Myeon-Hee feels pity for him. Hee-tae, who finished his meal with the hospitality of his father and brother, began a conversation with Soo-ryeon alone. Myung-hee went out with Soo-chan, and Hee-tae told Soo-ryeon Auntie that the will also, go outside, there Hee-tae tells Soo-ryeon “you should never force yourself to do what you are not used to”  he added by saying “if I keep forcing my self like this I may actually fall ill, let’s end it here” Hee-tae Give Soo-ryeon Three days to do whatever may take to deal with her family, however, Soo-ryeon is not ready, to tell the truth, while Hee-Tae said he will do whatever he likes, and drop the lighter that was given to him given by his father in Dustin.

Meanwhile, Hee-tae visited the boarding house where Myung-hee lives. In response, Myung-hee who is trying to stop Hee-tae from entering the House fell over. Surprised Lee Jin-ah said, “Oppa decided to be my tutor from today,” and Kim Myung-hee was embarrassed. Myung-hee, who was unable to fall asleep, went out to the sound of Hee-Tae’s guitar. Hee-tae said, “I’m sorry. I feel like I am being selfish and causing you trouble again and again, After listening to what you said, I thought about the time of a month”. I wasn’t afraid of a month. It’s a wound I’ll get after the months. I like Myung-hee and I will continue to like you more and Myeong-hee stares at him and smile.

Meanwhile, Hee-tae said, “When he thinks of Myung-hee, he can’t help but to sing. Myeong-hee, Smile again and ” there you are with your cheesy words again.


According to Nielsen Korea, “Youth of May”, Episode 3 which aired on the 10th, recorded 4% and 5.1% of viewership nationwide.


Youth of May Episode 3 which summons viewers into dim memories, of Hee-Tae Father and their ill fate with Myeong-Hee and her father, makes me wonder where will be the endpoint of Myeong-Hee and Hee-Tae love story which has just started. The dark side of Hee-Tae father is also revealed putting a tail on Hee-Tae mean we will soon get to know what happened between the two familiar


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