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Doom at your service episode 1 Recap

Doom at your service; episode 1 Recap

Doom at your service episode 1 Recap

The episode 1 of “Doom at your service”, Tak Dong-Kyung (played by Park Bo-young) was diagnosed with Multifocal glioblastomas, which is causing her dizziness and Vomiting. The doctor advised her to do a biopsy, rather She asks if he can do the biopsy in the weekend, (No he said,) She the ask how many days will it take to do the biopsy, when the doctor say one week Dong-Kyun back off, because She can’t take a week off from work, Surprisingly the doctor tells her “Shouldn’t you put your health before your work?” I am not sure she replied.
Again  The doctor said, “If you get the surgery, you’ll have a year.. Without it, you’ll have 3 to 4 months.” he said To Tak Dong-Kyung, who asked, “if she will die?”

Our Character first encounter Myul Mang and Dong-Kyung

As Tak is leaving the hospital she ran into Myul Mang, who she stares at him for a moment, Myul Mang (play by Seo in-guk) who knows about his handsome said, I know I’m handsome But I’m busy. in the hospital Myul Mang was seen listening to a report of a Doctor at the ER “he was waiting for the man who stabs Seven people, including the bypasser..,Myul Mang heals the mans cut on his naked, and tell him that he has no right to die after interfering with his work, moreover he’ll find out that there are worse things than death which is life.

After Myul Mang leaves the ER he meets a friend “patient” at the hospital, she is a “deity” who disguise herself as patients, the two exchange emotional moments, and myan leave. At the bus station, tak is dip in her thoughts when her boyfriend calls her to meet at the cafe, In particular, Tak Dong-Kyung belatedly learned that her boyfriend was an affair man, after being judged wrong by his wife Someone takes a video of the scene and posted it on the internet, Dong-Kyung his hurt.

At a moment when Dong-Kyung CEO Park Chang-Shin is scolding her for coming to works late he comes across a video of Dong-Kyung with the name of “Adulterer at Gangnam Cafe Today” he asks if she’s the one in the video, Dong-Kyung replies with “No” however “Park Chang-Shin argued that she is the one in the video, the really have the same dress, Dong-Kyung who is already angry shouted at him and take another day off. Meanwhile, Tak Dong-Kyung was upset when she going back home she sees malicious comments going on through the Internet under her video “Adulterer at Gangnam Cafe Today.” At that time, a man took a picture of Tak Dong-Kyung on the subway, Dong-Kyung, who was furious chase the man and faced a sinkhole in front of her eyes.

Back home, Tak looked at the shooting star after she drank makgeolli, at the same time Myul Mang also drank alone at home listened to the wishes of the world. Among them, Tak Dong-Kyung’s desperate cry, and said “Destroy the world, destroy it, destroy it,” her wish was the loudest, and Myul Mang said I smell a little alcohol in this wish.” Myul Mang headed straight to Tak’s house. When Tak asked why he was here, he replied, “I came because you called me”. Tak Dong-Kyung asked, “Who is it?” and Myul Mang introduced himself as “destruction.” To bewildered Tak Dong-Kyung, he said, “There’s no time for this. You’re going to die,” he said, and dated “in exactly 100 days.”

Tak was confused, thinking she was hallucinating because of her illness. “I will see you later,” he said, “I’ll see you later. Myul Mang then manipulated Tak’s dream and invited her to his home. He then took them to the sea and said, “I am responsible for any destruction.” “You’re the only one who made a wish like that when you see the shooting star,” he added.

Tak Dong-Kyung ask, “If you don’t grant a wish will disappear,? “just like a fantasy novel?.” Of course not he said, It’s just a small event., I was told to become someone’s wish on the day I was born.” When Tak Dong-Kyung said, “Is it a nightmare?” Myul Mang said, “your life is a nightmare.” Unfortunately, it’s time for you to wake up. After that day, Myul Mang continues to appear before the eyes of Tak. Tak Dong-Kyung collapsed complaining of pain, thinking, “Nothing has changed after being terminal ill, not being afraid of invisible things, not being dead, not being destroyed, and the moment you start to see it, fear becomes real.”

A dump truck rushed at the fallen Tak Dong-Kyung, but the world stopped as soon as the accident was about to happen. “God is on my side as always, whether to choose to die here or to hold my hand,” said Myul Mang who approached in front of Tak Dong-Kyung. then Tak took to decide to take the hand of Myul Man to survive.


The viewership rating for “Doom at your service” according to Nielson Korean record 4.1% (Ep. 1) for its first episode.


I missed Seo in-guk, when I see his charming face, I ask where to have you been dude, his Chemistry with Park Bo-young is so far lovey-dovey. The last time I saw her drama is “Strong Girl Bong-soon” I am completely in love with the drama and Park Bo-young in particular. I most comment on both Seo in-Guk and Park Bo-young acting in the first episode of doom at your service.


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