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Doom at your service Episode 2 Recap

Doom at your service: Episode 2 Park Bo-Young, start trading with Seo In-Guk, the deal between them has
been sealed.

Doom at your service

The ill fate that binds me with “Doom” at my door.

Doom at your service episode 2: opens with, Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-young) and Seo In-guk
(Myeol-mang) sealing the deal, Myeol-mang look at the truck running towards Tak Dong-Kyung and
made it stop when he approaches her he said, “God is on my side, so choose whether you’re
going to die here or hold my hand and survive” in the end Dong-Kyung who hesitate little
took Myeol-mang hands and was able to overcome the disaster safely. After that Myeol-mang tell
Dong-Kyun, not let go of his hand unless she wants to die.

At the coffee shop, Tak wondering how Myeol-mang did that and he said it’s nothing Grand, All we did was go back in time. Tak said not that, she is actually asking about his identity, when she clear the air Myeol-mang ask if she is suspicious or curious? And Dong-Kyung said, she is simply being rational, Myeol-mang further explains ” but you saw it earlier, and experience at your home, in your dream and at the subway ” He said. Tak who is thoroughly confused find it difficult to believe what he is saying, Myeol-mang who is also trying to reassure her of his identity interrupt with light and Shooting star at the coffee
cape, and Myeol-mang wore a red bracelet on Dong-Kyung hand and said, “I promise not let you hurt” You have to recharge it once a day before midnight. He added.

Doom at your service episode 2

Meanwhile, Dong-Kyung ignores a call from her cheating ex and goes to her friend’s house.
NA JI-NA (Shin Do-Hyun) is curled on the ground, lamenting that it’s all gone. Dong-Kyung
covers her mouth in horror to realize the power outage made Ji-na lose all her writing for the
upcoming episode Ji-na doesn’t see the point in rewriting it since her work hasn’t been getting a good response. Dong-Kyung keeps the editing team’s criticisms of the webtoon to herself and gets Ji-na back
at her computer to write. She can’t bring herself to tell her friend about all the crazy things
happening to her lately.
Dong-Kyung gets a call from Doctor Jung who’s worried she’s not taking her diagnosis
seriously. He warns her the pain will be unbearable, but Dong-Kyung muses that treatment can
only slightly lessen the pain – she’ll die painfully either way Dong-Kyung gets another text from her ex saying she’ll regret not taking his calls. He sends a picture of him at her workplace where he’s currently protesting with a sign and everything. Dae-han (play by Kim Ji-suk) has the courage to call her a homewrecker who made his wife leave.

Dong-Kyung’s coworkers watch Dae-han with disgust. When Dong-Kyung arrives, he has it
out with her right there. The manchild blames her for inciting his wife to divorce him and
accuses Dong-Kyung of not having any manners. He then acts like he was doing her a favor by
dating her since she’s not all that and doesn’t even have parents. After a very long day Dong-Kyung meets drunk Dae-Han in front of her house again causing scenes. Walking together with Myeol-mang, he claimed to be her husband, hence she happens to hear their discussion and chases Dae-Han with a mopping stick.


Myeol-mang Seems to have personal justifications for coming into Dong-Kyung life, from my
own understanding I Think Myeol-mang has something he wants to achieve using Dong-Kyung,
She began to trust and getting closer to him, for a person who is terminally ill She will be very disheartened to find out that c Has another intention.

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