Youth of May Episode 5 Recap

Our dear Soft heart Myeong-hee finally expressed her feelings of patience when Hwang Hee-tae, who is preparing for the engagement, took care of Lee Soo-ryeon first, and when the engagement ceremony proceeded as scheduled, Myeong-hee was full with regret for giving asking hee-tae to engage Soo-ryeon.

Youth of May: Episode 5 Recap

Youth of May  Episode 5

Getting Marriage to My Best Friend First love.

Youth Of May Episode 5 Open With the flashback of Myeong-hee being question by two men who were asking her to sign on a paper by taking all the blame on her for distribution of illegal propaganda leaflets, signing the paper results in Myeong-hee dropping out of school, Myeong-hee now overworks herself as a nurse.

Youth of May  Episode 5

In the present day, Kim Myeong-hee (played by Ko Min-si) was seen asking Hwang Hee-tae (played by Lee Do-Hyun) to be engaged to Lee Soo-ryeon (played by Geum Sae-rok).
On this day, Myeong-hee ask Hee-tae, to get engaged to Soo-Ryeon, Hee-tae who was waiting for Myeong-hee with flowers behind him glares at her with tearing eyes and asked, “Why she want him to be engaged?” and Myeong-hee said while trying to explain further Hee-tae Cut her through by Saying “I’m not asking about Soo Ryeon.

What’s your reason? Did you invest in Changhwa Pharmaceuticals? Then I’ll understand” Myeong-Hee Quickly tells Hee-Tae that Soo-Ryeon Is as important as Kyung-Soo to her, She could do anything to help her, If anything bad should happen to her family, she will never forgive herself for the rest of her life, Hee-tae last asked, “Is it okay if I get engaged?” Myeong-Hee replied, “Yes”.

Youth of May  Episode 5

At home Myeong-Hee sees Hee-Tae guitar and recall her Chat with Soo-Ryeon, who was waiting For Her in front of the hospital, as soon as the meet Myeong-Hee Start telling Soo-Ryeon that she wants to start dating Hee-Tae, at the time Soo-Ryeon burst into tears while pleading Kim Myeong-hee to persuade Hee-Tae, then Myeong-hee says “You already said you didn’t like Hee-tae,” but Lee Soo-ryeon said, “You might do me a favor. Please do me a favor once. “If I can’t get engaged, If I don’t get engaged my father, my brother, and my family will business will be ruined. Soo-Ryeon was able to convince Myeong-hee, we see from her actions.

Youth of May  Episode 5

Meanwhile, Hee-tae visited Lee Soo-Ryeon’s house and decided to get engaged to Soo-ryeon at Myung-hee’s earnest request. Myeong-hee took a passport in Park Sun-Min place, when Park Sun-Min asks if Myeon-Hee has the flight money She tells her that it’s Soo-Ryeon who gave her the money. Surprise Sun-Min ask if Soo-Ryeon lend her the money, She further advice Myeong-Hee not to think of repaying her, instead, she should think of it as Compensation for taking all the blame at school which resulted in her dropping out of school. However, Myeong-Hee who is overprotective of Soo-Ryeon Said”, Soo-Ryeon has nothing to do with that, The two chit -Chat over the issues continuously.
On her way home Myeong-Hee bumps into Hee-Tae who ignore her, annoyed by his actions Myeong-Hee asks if they Can’t greet each other now.

Youth of May  Episode 5

Myeong-Hee met Hee-Tae who ignore her in front of her house, annoyed by his actions Myeong-Hee ask if they Can’t greet each other now, looking slugs Hee-Tae replies by saying “I didn’t have time to, I’m too busy preparing for the engagement ceremony”. Myeong-Hee says I heard you are getting engaged, she being sorry and grateful, hence Hee-Tae asks her to tell him how she feels instead of being sorry, Hee-Tae added that He can stop now if Myeong-Hee Ask. Moreover, Myeong-Hee assures him, she’s going to leave soon, while Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon will stay so she doesn’t want to cause them trouble to be happy for a short time, Hee-Tae excuses himself by saying “So this is how you hold yourself back, I’d better get going then. I have a lesson”. Hee-Tae met his father at home preparing for the engagement, Hwang Ki-Nam is so happy that Hee-Tae decided to get engaged and warm him of seeing other women after the wedding, while at the Soo-Ryeon house, Soo-Chan and their father was also organizing the list of the guests.

Youth of May  Episode 5

The next day Myeong-hee when to secure her passport while Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon go out to buy their wedding gift, Myeong-hee was annoyed by the news that the passport issuance would be later than the day of her departure. Then, Kim Myeong-hee was helped by Lee Soo-chan, whom she ran into. 
Meanwhile, Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeong were escorted by Soo-Ryeong Auntie who over joy over the engagement, she is been chosen outdated jewelry to Soo-Ryeong which Make Hee-Tae crack jokes at her, and all of them were chuckling, at that moment one of the Soo-Ryeong protesters see how happy she looks and misunderstand the situation, She tells the others group of protesters who were already disappointed in Soo-Ryeong, Also as Soo-Ryeong walk out the shopping store she ran into her friends who start to rains Question on her, Soo-Ryeong was speechless, then Hee-Tae Come and pranks the protesters, he huge of them and tell to pretend to be his friend because people-watching in the black will arrested them.

Myeong-hee and Soo-Chan have a wonderful time together from Seoul, riding a bus together Soo-Chan buy eggs for Myeong-Hee, watching Soo-Chan scraping the eggs shells, She remembers her time with Hee-Tae on the bus and lost in her thoughts. Teaching his Students at Myeong boarding house Hee-Tae learns that Myeong-Hee goes to Seoul, and recalls when Soo-Chan tells him he is going to Seoul when he ran into Soo-Chan by the gate.

Waiting for Myeong-hee who came back from Seoul, Hwang Hee-tae said, “Are you coming back from Seoul? With Lee Soo-chan? You could have asked me to come with you,” he asked. Kim Myeong-hee asked, “how did you know”? And added by saying, how can she go to Seoul with him when he’s preparing for his engagement tomorrow, Hwang Hee-tae said, “It’s just a word. You know I’ve been waiting for that word.”

When Kim Myung-hee answered that she couldn’t do that, Hwang Hee-tae said, “You got a weakness? Who’s threatening you? You don’t want to be a bad person. I’m not afraid of anything. I’m holding it in every second. Because you’re Myunghee. Because I believed you felt the same way. It’s only a month. I’m going crazy because it’s such a waste of time. I thought you were holding it in, but Myung-hee was just fine. I don’t want to write a letter without a reply anymore,” he exploded.

Youth of May  Episode 4

Kim Hyun-chul, who was worried about Kim Myung-hee at the news of catching the protesters, visited Kim Myung-hee’s boarding house. Hyun-chul, who found the flyer requested by Jeong Hye-gun (Lee Kyu-sung), said, “Are you still doing this? You’ve been through a lot and you still haven’t come to your senses?” Kim Myung-hee said, “What does that have to do with you (Her father)She added by saying I am living the way you told me,” she exclaimed. We see the flashback, to when  Kim Myung-hee, who was arrested for being a protester in high school, clung to her father, Kim Hyun-chul, saying, “It’s weird here. All the kids I worked with are released. Why am I the only one here?” But Kim Hyun-chul said, just answer yes and they decided to terminate your admission, just  Don’t do anything, breathe slowly and live quietly with gratitude.”

The next day, Soo-Chan went shopping with Myung-hee. The reason was to choose clothes for his sister’s engagement ceremony, but Soo-chan was excited to choose Myung-hee’s clothes and shoes throughout the shopping. Myung-hee, who received shoes and a dress from Soo-chan as a gift, expressed disapproval, saying, “I feel like I’m losing more because I came to repay my debt.”

Youth of May  Episode 4

Myeong-Hee, who attended the engagement ceremony between Soo-ryeon and Hee-tae, once again feels excited at the sight of Hee-tae in his robes. Myung-hee, who tried to avoid Hee-Tae’s gaze, avoided the bathroom, but the guests’ praise of the groom was at its peak. Lee Soo-Ryeon has been in a daze throughout the celebration. Myung-hee, who had been in a daze all day due to a cold, began to feel regret over her choice of refusing Hee-tae. Myeong-Hee, who escaped from Hee-Tae’s story, ran into Hee-tae, who came out to enjoy the night air.

It was Hee-tae who opened his mouth first after facing each other for a long time. “Are you okay?” Myung-hee replied to Hee-Tae’s question, “I’m not okay.” She confessed her true feelings as if she had turned on the tap she had been blocking. “I don’t like May without Hee-tae,” Myung-hee said in tears.

Youth of May  Episode 5

Upon hearing Myung-hee’s earnest desire, Hee-tae smiled happily and approached Myung-hee. Hee-tae carefully grabbed Myung-hee’s hand, and the two smiling brightly as they faced each other left the engagement ceremony.


The preview of the sixth episode of “Youth of May” draws attention as it depicts a cozy date between Hwang Hee-Tae and Myeong-hee under the pretext of going out with their younger siblings

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