“The Devil Judge” Ji Sung Overwhelmed with Charisma in the first unveiled poster.

“The Devil Judge” first unveiled a teaser poster showing Ji Sung’s overwhelming charisma.

tvN’s new upcoming drama “The Devil Judge” is a drama that sends a message about justice through a live court show involving the entire nation against the backdrop of a fictional dystopia of South Korea.  Kang Yo-han (played by Ji Sung), who appeared in the era of chaos, a hero of all or a devil wearing a judge’s mask?” It is set to premiere in July.

In particular, actors such as Ji Sung (playing Kang Yo-han), Kim Min-jung (playing Jeong Sun-ah), Jin-young (playing Kim Ga-on), and Park Kyu-young (playing Yoon Soo-Hyun) are drawing keen attention. Amid this situation, teaser posters that implicitly capture the concept of the drama are further amplifying curiosity.

The Devil Judge poster

The posters released show the eyes of the devil judge Kang Jehan, who stands in the middle of the dark court, and countless others looking at him. The images of people filling up the displays on both sides foretell the birth of a new “live court show” in a form not common in existing courts. The dark blue colour and the heavy and solemn atmosphere of those who lost their laughter all over the drama suggest that the background is a dystopian society with a dark background.

In addition, the appearance of the judge Kang Jehan, who is reaching out to the front at the venue where a live court show will be held where the entire nation will be a jury member, is feeling a sense of intimidation and oppression.
His eyes are filled with irresistible charisma and a sense of mystery that is different from ordinary people, arousing curiosity about what he will do in this place where he seems to have lost his vitality.
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Most of all, ‘people, who are considered a ray of hope to break through a period of chaos! Now, your court begins’ raises a question mark on the meaning of ‘your court’ and the nature of justice to be realized here. As a result, prospective viewers’ expectations for “The Devil Judge,” which is expected to appear in a different level of live court shows this summer, are also rising.
Meanwhile, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” is scheduled to premiere in July 2021.

Meanwhile, this is the first drama of Ji Sung for over two years after His Successful drama “Doctor John” are you happy to see Ji Sung back again, this time as a judge? Voice out your thoughts in the Comments Section below.

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