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Youth of May Episode 6 Recaps

Youth of May Episode 6 Recaps

Youth of May Episode 6 Recaps

Hee-Tae received two slap on his cheek and Myeong-Hee who is ever ready to protect her love get Kidnap at the end. When Soo-Chan is rejected even before confessing his love, Soo-Ryeon finds herself falling for Hee-Tae.

What’s the relationship between you two?

Youth Of May Episode 6 opens with a scene in which Hwang Hee-Tae (played by Lee Do-Hyun) and Kim Myung-hee (played by Ko Min-si) disappeared together at the engagement ceremony of Hee-tae and Soo-Hyeon (played by Keum Sae-rok). Hee-tae followed Kim Myeong-hee, who left during the engagement ceremony. When Hee-Tae asked if She is okay, Myeong-hee said, “no.” I don’t like May without Hee-Tae,” she shed tears. Hee-Tae Who was hoping that smile at her, and they left the engagement ceremony. As they fled the engagement, Jeong Hye-Gun (Lee Kyu-Sung), Soo-chan, and Soo-Ryeon watched them running away. When Soo-Ryeon parents ask of Hee-Tae, Soo-Ryeon said, she sends him home because he was not feeling well since the morning she said, strolling by the side of Hwang Ki-Nam overheard the conversation and quickly understand the situation. After the ceremony, the lee’s siblings as they were heading home Soo-Chan said, what is wrong with Hee-Tae” when Soo-Ryeon explain, he replied by saying “Myeong-Hee is coughing all day long too, I guess it’s because of the season changing. Things were so hectic that I don’t even notice her leaving He Said,” Soo-Chan already knows who Hee-Tae left with, So he was trying to engage his sister not imagine the situation, unknown to him Soo-Ryeon is aware of everything that’s going on.

Meanwhile, Hee-Tae and Myung-hee’s has long chat in front of her boarding house, he asked Myeon-Hee to give him her working schedule so that he will fix their dating time, Hee-Tae who is immersed in love said, “I guess that’s why people write song lyrics, we can’t make a phone call and have a picture to remind me of your face, and the night is too long,” he added. Instead, Hee-Tae takes Myeong-Hee Earrings While Kim also took his tie, the two couples facing each other, tried to kiss, then came a police officer announcing the Curfew, and the two failed to kiss.

Youth of May Episode 6

The next day, in the morning Hwang Ki-Nam (Oh Man-Seok) visit His son room, Hee-Tae who ran away from the engagement ceremony, said Good Morning Father with smiling face, Then Hwang Ki-Nam slapped Hee-tae on the cheek and said, “I heard you were sick yesterday, are you feeling a better now,” he asked. When Hee-Tae replied, “Yes,” Hwang Ki-Nam tried to slap him again. Then Hee-Tae blocked His hand, Hwang Ki-Nam smile and said, “did you think you can beat me now that you’re all grown up”? Don’t be mistaken, All you could do is stopping my hand he added”, Hwang ki-Nam tells Hee-Tae that he will always be within his palm and threaten him not disappoint him as his son again, because it won’t end up on his cheek. Look at his father with outrage face, then a Message came in to tell them that they have a Visitor. Hee-the comes out of the room and encounters Soo-Ryeon, who was full of gifts in return for her engagement, sent formal greetings to the elders, and left. Soo-Ryeon sees Hee-Tae face and blamed Him for the embarrassment he causes for suddenly disappearing on the day of their engagement. Hee-the said, “I’ve been engaged as you wish, and we will maintain that until the factory is completed. Isn’t our role up to here?” teary Soo-Ryon said, “It’s a relief that I only saw you guys. What if someone else saw you?” Hee-tae wondered about the unusual behavior of Soo-Ryeon.

Youth of May Episode 6

Meanwhile, Myeong-hee friend Hye-gun saw Hee-tae and Myeong-hee running away on the day of the engagement and scolded Myeong-hee. Hye-gun, who is also a friend of hers, questioned whether Soo-Ryeon knew all the facts, but Myeong-hee could not deny it, so he got angry and leave.

Soo-chan (Lee Sang-Eun) called in Hee-tae and began to talk about his feelings while
drinking with him. When asked about his future after the engagement ceremony, Hee-Tae replied that the adults would move as planned. Then Soo-chan asked, “Did adults order you to have an engagement ceremony?” Hee-tae answered, “what about Soo-Ryeon did she like all of this? He asked, from dating to engagement ?” Soo-chan who was already drunk rebuked Hee-Tae, by saying, “Even if you don’t feel like it, there’s no point in marriage,” but Hee-tae replied to him completely, saying, “I think I’m doing my duty.” The impatient Soo-Chan finally exploded and said, “is that’s what the guy who disappeared on his engagement ceremony have to say? You didn’t disappear alone that day,” he added. Soo-chan had witnessed Hee-tae disappear, holding Myung-hee’s hand, on the day of the engagement. To Hee-Tae, who was speechless in surprise, ask soo-chan why he asked to see him today, Angry Soo-Chan shouted at him and ask him not to do something he can’t take responsibility for, instead, Hee-Tae said, “are you sure you are angry because Soo-Ryeon? Looking at Soo-Chan face who look down Hee-Tae smile and added”, “You can be responsible and do your duty, what is more, important is not having any regret later he added”.

Later in the night Hee-Tae, who was drunk, belatedly visited Myung-hee’s boarding house for private tutoring of Lee Jin-ah (Park Se-Hyun) and collapsed. The next day, Hwang Hee-tae was embarrassed and asked why he’s at Myeong-Hee’s house. He is warmly treated by the owner of the boarding house and received the Haejang breakfast award. Also, Hwang Ki-Nam took a resume of Hong Yong-Gil to Lee Chang Geun which was early given to him by Han Suk-Joong (Play by Lee Hwang Ui), requesting to have joined the management as of one of their condition for the Investment, angry Chang-Geun confides Hwang Ki-Nam that “this is practically robbery without Guns” then Hwang Ki-Nam correct by him by saying “with Gun, I’d say” I hope you make wise decision to minimize the damage, as a businessman he added.

The fact bombing scene of the two younger brothers

Youth of May Episode 6

Myeong-Hee when to pick her younger brother Myeong-Soo (Cho Yi-Hyun) per her mother earnest request, who is in training for the national sports festival, and found out about Hee-Tae’s half-brother Jung-Tae (Choi Seung-hoon), who is staying with him, and set up a dinner table with Hee-Tae.
Myeong-soo and Jung-tae have begun to doubt the relationship between Myeong-hee and Hee-Tae, and to turn the children’s eyes away, both of them decide to enjoy an amusement park date together. Myeong-soo and Jung-the burned their last vacation excitedly, and Hee-Tae felt sorry for the fact that he wasted precious time with myeong-hee for these children. Myeong-hee noticed between Hee-tae and Jung-Tae, who hated each other and blamed Hee-tae for acting like an adult. Hee-tae takes Myung-hee’s advice and decides to open his heart to Jung-Tae.

Youth of May

Later in the night, Soo-chan visited Myung-hee, boarding house, and ask about her relationship with Hee-Tae? “You just have to correct the mistake. You’re being fooled by Hee-Tae,” he said. Myeong-Hee, who was flustered for a while, said, “I didn’t fall for it, I chose it. I’ve been giving up all my life. Hwang Hee-tae is my first choice. Even if people curse and throw stones at me, I’ll bear it all because it’s my choice,” she defended Hee-tae. Soo-chan, who had a crush on Myeong-hee, was hurt by Myeong-hee’s firm attitude and lamented, “Why do you have to get stoned for such a jerk? After that Soo-Chan Drink and get wasted.

The next Day Soo-Ryeon Met Myeong-Hee at her boarding house and asked if they have to make it obvious to Hye Geun and Soo-Chan, when Myeong-Hee trying to explain, Soo-Ryeon who was very angry shouted at her and says “you’re leaving anywhere”. With this response, Myeong-Hee gazes down with grief on her face and said, “all this Sound Familiar, so if I leave all this will be good as last time”? She asked. Looking Confused Soo-Ryeong Recall when there were in High School, she suggests putting posters in the school calling to End the suppression of religious leader, as result of that Myeong-Hee took all the blame and drop out of school. Disappoint by Myeong-Hee words Soo-Ryeon says it must be hard for myeong-Hee to act friendly all these years and leave. After that Myeong-Hee and Hee-Tae go out for their first date, at the same time Lee Chang Geun shows Soo-Chan that resume which was brought Hwang Ki-Nam and tells him what happens, Soo-Chan who was very Angry ask his father to call off the wedding because Hee-Tae is seeing someone.

All the men of Lee and Hwang’s family (excluding Hee-Tae) meet per Soo-Chan plea to call off the wedding, as soon as Soo-Ryeon enter the house and sees the air she asked what is going on, When Soo-Chan asked Hwang Ki-Nam to cancel the wedding proposal since its Hee-Tae fault, Mr. Hwang ask if Soo-Ryeon was not aware of what is happening and who is Hee-Tae seeing, She said, “Yes” then Hwang Ki-Nam apologize and request for second chance to make everything normal.
Coming back from their first date Hee-Tae walks Myeong-Hee’s house and leave before reaching the house gate, as Myeong-Hee is strolling back home she is kidnaped by unknown men.


Youth Of May is getting more interesting as it air the half of the episodes. They are a possibility of a love triangle between Myeong-Hee, Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon, Myeong-Hee who is ever ready to receive punches for Hee-Tae is determined to protect her love, while Soo-Ryeon Is having the hardest time and her family could be the one to lose the most. From Soo-Chan who is already in love with Myeong-Hee and her father who is also determined to save his business.
Similarly, Myeong-Hee is also having a difficult time, but I think she deserves it when she turns down Hee-Tae the first time. Smile it’s s My thoughts.


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