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Youth of May Episode 7 Recaps

Youth of May Episode 7 Recap: Hwang Hee-tae and Kim Myung-hee are treated in a brutal reality where they have no choice but to break up.


I will Sacrifice My love to save your life (Youth of May Episode 7)

In the previous Episode “Youth of May Episode 6”, Hwang Hee-tae (Lee Do-Hyun) and Kim Myung-hee (Ko Min-Shi) shared their first kiss and promised to see each other again tomorrow. But she was kidnapped by an unidentified assailant in front of her house, and at that moment Hwang Hee-tae forebears tragedy by looking at her broken earrings.

Youth of May Episode 7 opens with, Kim Myeong-Hee who was returning home on the same day, was kidnapped by unidentified assailants. The next day, Hee-tae visited the boarding house under the pretext of seeing Lee Jin-ah (Park Se-Hyun). And Hwang Hee-tae was surprised to hear that Myeong-hee did not come in the previous day. Knowing that Myeong-hee did not work the night before, Hee-tae visited the hospital, After confirming that She had been absent without leave and, he is sure something happened to her. Hee-tae called Lee Soo-ryeon (played by Keum Sae-rok) and ask if She now the destination of Myeong-hee, “She’s not at home, and she’s not in the hospital without permission, have you not heard from her?” He Said, And Soo-ryeon said, “Maybe something urgent has happened overnight. Now you know her better than I do now, Hee-tae replied. However, Soo-chan (Lee Sang-eun) hung up on Hee-tae, saying, “Don’t answer his phone until it’s over.” Eventually, Hee-tae reported Myeong-hee missing to the police. But the police did not take it seriously.

He later visited Naju, Kim’s hometown, to find Kim’s whereabouts After arriving at Myeong-hee’s house he was welcomed by her parents, but could not meet Myeong-hee. Yet Hwang Ki-nam who kidnapped Myeong-hee threatened her to stop her from studying in Germany, saying her father Kim Hyun-chul (played by Kim Won-hae) violated the National Security Law. To break up with Hee-tae, Myung-hee went down to her hometown of Naju, where Hee-tae headed for in search of her. Hee-tae who was returning to Gwangju ran into her on the road. Myeong-hee was surprised to see Hee-tae, and he keeps asking her where has she been, instead, Myung-hee kept saying, “How did you know my home address?” “ From Myeong-soo (Choi Yi-Hyun). He said This can be creepy, too. But,” Hee-Tae continued to make excuses.

However, Myeong-hee backed away from Hee-tae who is approaching her, surprise by that Hee-tae said, “What’s wrong with you, Myeong-hee? Did something happen? You seem like a different person,” he said, embarrassed. Kim Myeong-hee said, “Stop it. Hee-tae, I feel burdened and uncomfortable. Just go away,” she said firmly before leaving. Meanwhile, Myeong-Hee asks her father if really she’s a commie Daughter as she heard that from Hwang Ki-Nam, all her parents were surprised to hear that coming from her mouth. Myeong-Hee who was furious asks why didn’t her father tells her what happened, then her mother tells her everything.

Youth of May Episode 7 recap

Back to Gwangju, Hee-Tae is been waiting for Myeong-Hee at the train station, as She arrived Myeong-Hee ignore him and Hee-Tae followed her, again Myeong-Hee didn’t tell him the reason why she hates him, instead she tips him. Hee-tae waited for Hwang Ki-nam (Oh Man-Seok) at home as his father arrived he said, “I heard you met Myeong-Hee separately. I was just going to have a little fun before she left the country,” Hee-tae pretend as if nothing serious is going on between him myeong-Hee but the eccentric father, snorted at his son’s behavior, said, “I’ve seen you do all this stupid stuff. This makes me think that I should cut the buds properly,” said Ki-Nam. Hee-tae pleaded with his father to let Myeong-Hee go in exchange for him to get married to Soo-Ryeong.

The Next Day Hwang Ki-Nam meets Chang-Geun (Um Hyo-Seop) and suggests that Hee-tae and Soo-ryeon be sent to Seoul to set up a newlywed home. Citing the recent events of Hee-tae and Myeonng-hee, Chang-Geun replied, “Let’s take some time to watch this wedding. ”The outburst Ki-Nam made Chang-Geun’s business vicious and irresistible to turn down the offer. Later Chang-Geun who had been informed by Soo-chan and Soo-Ryeon of the fact falls in shock when he hears that it Lee Soo-Ryeon who sent Myung-hee to replace her on her date with Hee-Tae, the fault where he pretends on Hee-Tae also holding as a reason to back up from the wedding.

The night before leaving for Seoul, Hee-tae visits Myeong-hee and says goodbye. “The past few weeks with Myeong-hee have been the happiest time of my life.” He said, Unlike Hee-tae, who calmly bowed and said goodbye, Myeong-hee coldly passed him by, and Myeong-hee, who entered the house, sat back and burst into tears.

Comment on Youth of May Episode 7

Our four main character is having a hard time, As the four overcame all kinds of hardships and confirmed each other’s feelings, it arouses curiosity about why the relationship changed in a day. also, Myeong-Hee and Hee-Tae realize that the bad relationships surrounding them have been around for a very long time, further amplifying the tension. It won’t be meaningful if Hee-Tae gets married to Soo-Ryeon and will understand it if the four will come together and fight the Evil Hwang Ki-Nam.

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