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Youth of May Episode 8 Recaps

Youth Of May Episode 8 opens with Hwang and lee’s family seeing their children off together.

Youth of May: Episode 8 Recap.
Hee-tae gave in to his father Hwang Ki-Nam (Oh Man-Seok) and chose to part ways with Myeong-hee, while Soo-Hyeon (played by Keum Sae-rok) also thought that she had to sacrifice to solve the wrong situation she creates and decided to go to Seoul with Hee-Tae. Soo-Ryeon, who became restless, went to the bathroom and met Hee-Tae’s stepmother Song Hae-Seong (Sim Si-young). Hae-Seong said, Soo-Hyeon look like her when she was young and try to comfort her, and the two went out together.

Moreover, Chang-Geun (Um Hyo-sub), who had no choice but to marry his daughter because of his family business, had a bad expression on his face, and Soo-chan (Lee Sang-Eun), who came to see his sister off. Soo-Hyeon greeted the two with a smile and got on the train.

Meanwhile, at Myeon-Hee boarding house Ji-ah is heavily Crying while holding the math textbooks that were given to her as gifts by Hee-Tae. Upon arriving at Seoul Station, Hee-Tae and Soo-Hyeon are surprised by the number of protesters filling the square. Soo-Ryeon, who actively participated in protest activities in Gwangju, feels guilty of her friends who she left in Gwangju. And Myeong-hee, who had left Hee-Tae, tried to spend her time cleaning up as soon as possible. After finishing all the bedding laundry at the boarding house, Myeong-hee purposely goes to work early and cleans the hospital.


But, Soo-Ryeon as she arrived at Hee-Tae’s house, she simply unpacks and prepares to start living in Seoul. Hee-tae visited his school senior and asked about his friend Kyung-soo. “How dare you ask how Kyung-soo is doing?” the senior said. Recognizing the atmosphere, Hee-Tae tried to avoid the situation, and his senior turned around and called Hee-tae. “I haven’t told them what your father is like yet,” he said, adding that he knows the information of Hee-Tae’s father in the security department. Hee-Tae said, “Tell them If they get involved with me, they will end up like Kyung-soo. Please tell them to stay away from me, He added. Unknown to Hee-Tae Kyung-soo is been calling him since he left for Seoul and is currently talking with Soo-Ryeon on phone at his house.

The next day Hee-Tae cook delicious meals breakfast and Soo-Ryeon Complement him. later in the day Hwang Ki-Nam Visit the Lee Soo-Chan Office, Soo-Chan Who is already aware of his scheme had a bad expression on his face, the two men talk uncomfortably, then Soo-Chan asks Hwang Ki-Nam to fulfil his promise to Soo-Ryeon, then he may think of trusting him. Instead, Ki-Nam advise him to take care of himself before he could think about Myeon-Hee. While Going out Hwang Ki-Nam assured Soo-Chan that he can’t allow Myeong-Hee to study abroad because they are other reason.

In her efforts to forget Hee-Tae, Myeong-Hee visits Her brother training camp where she brought Meat to them and assured Myeong-soo that she wouldn’t go to Germany again because he is against it. Accordingly, Lee Soo-Ryeon Friends were preparing for a torchlight rally in Gwangju and hear that she left for Seoul to marry Hee-tae without saying a word to them. Hye-Geun feel deeply betrayed and disappointed and ask about Myeong-Hee.

After that Lee Soo-chan meets with Myeong-hee and tells her that her passport is in progress again as he confirms with a friend at the Foreign Ministry, Myeong-hee who is good at pretending said she ok and don’t have to study abroad again. But soo-chan said, “I’ve searched and there are many ways to study abroad. If you don’t want to study abroad, do it in Korea. I’ll help,” he explained, showing the documents he had learned. Myeong-hee won’t give up easily and Soo-Chan, burst into tears out of guilt, he asks Myeong-hee to just let him help, but Myeong-hee assured him of being okay refusing his offer. Back to Seoul Hee-tae who was heading to Hyehwa-dong in a taxi, recalled his memories with Myung-hee while listening to a song on the radio and shed tears in his sorrow.

While drinking tea alone at a coffee shop, Soo-Ryeon meets a friend from Gwangju, The friend misunderstood that Soo-Ryeon came up from Gwangju to attend a protest at Seoul Station and suggests that she join them, embarrassed, Soo-Hyeon leaves the coffee shop, refusing a friend’s offer. Upon reaching home Soo-Ryeo prevented Hee-tae who was waiting for her, from going out, venting her anger on him Soo-Ryeon ask if Hee-tae is ignoring her because she causes him and Myeong-Hee pain. Soo-Ryeon asks Hee-Tae to punch her and vent his anger on her because she knows it’s her fault which is making her Go crazy, surprised by her reaction Hee-Tae assured her that it is not her fault, and he’s not avoiding her, Hee-Tae took her to the hospital room where Jang Seok-chan, the leader of the Labor union strike, was being taken care of by Hee-tae. Her name was known to Soo-Hyeon, and she understood why Hee-tae had been away from home, asking, “Was this why you came to Gwangju in the first place?”
Hee-Tae went down to Gwangju to find a hospital to transport a comatose patient to his hometown of Gwangju. Hee-Tae had been out frequently recently to complete the final procedure to transport her to the hospital where Myung-hee works.

In Gwangju, a torch rally was underway with the cooperation of the police. The security forces were considering searching for the leaders of the torchlight rallies, but they were stopped by Hwang KI-Nam, saying, “It’s not the right time yet.” At this time, Ki-Nam is called to Seoul by an emergency call from the headquarters. The next day Lee Soo-Ryeong Take Hee-Tae out and asked him to pathways with her, She said, “Go back to Kim Myeong-hee. And Hee-tae said, Myeong-Hee is afraid of me,” he said refusing Soo-Ryeon advice. “Are you a fool? Do you believe that? Soo-Ryeon asks Hee-Tae. She added by saying Myeong-hee is afraid you will get hurt that is. and said, “Now let’s go our separate ways here. Let’s split up. Let’s not get involved like this again, lets each one of us live well,” she said goodbye, asking for a handshake.

Eventually, Hee-Tae went back to Gwangju. He met Myeong-hee in the hospital where she accepted the patient he brings. Crying Myeong-hee confessed to the priest that she couldn’t forget Hwang Hee-tae and suffered. On her way home, Myeong-hee found Hwang Hee-the standing on the road, when he tries to approach her, she said, “No. Hee-tae went far away and said, “I know I am not supposed to come. When I think of you, I know that you’ll have a hard time because of me, but I want to be with you. I want to be Can I come over there? Myung-hee,” Kim Myung-hee ran and gave Hwang Hee-take a big hug. At the same time, Soo-Ryeon called Hye-Gun and ask if she can find a place in his photo studio in Seoul.
Meanwhile, Hee-Tae who was waiting for Myeong-Hee at her house reunited like that, and the two went on to have a passionate kiss.

Youth of May Episode 8


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