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Doom at your service Episode 7 Recap

Doom at your service: Episode 7 Recap.

Doom at your service: Episode 7

After all the up and down Dong-Kyung who was deposited by the disappearing of My Mang Again removed the red bracelet that was given to her by him. In the end, Dong-Kyung Collapse again and was taken to the hospital

My Mang disappeared right after kissing Tak Dong-Kyung. ( Doom at your service episode 7)

Doom at your service episode 7 open with My Mang (Seo In-Guk) and Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-young) kissing Scene that was depicted In the previous episode, Dong-Kyung said, “I have a wish, I want you to love me. Can you make a wish for that, too?” And Myul Mang refused by, saying, “No.” Eventually, Myul Mang kissed Dong-Kyung and the two kissed in the rain. But Myul Mang suddenly disappeared and surprised Dong-Kyung ran home. Dong-Kyung was devastated to find out that her house and the house of Myul Mang that had been connected to it had disappeared. At her working place, Dong-Kyung who was lost in her thoughts run to her boss as she learn that he is back, all she thinks is Myul Mang impersonating her boss again.

In particular, Myul Mang’s reason for disappeared was because of Girl Shin stopping them. On the same day, Girl Shin (Ji-So) showed Tak Dong-Kyung’s memory to Myul Mang, and he watched Dong-Kyung go through hardships such as being late for a company interview because of a puncture on a bus tire or losing her parents. The Girl Shin nailed that the act of Myul Mang had influenced Dong-Kyung life, and said, “Now do you dare said you will be loved by her? She asked, you have a big dream she added.
After that, Myul Mang who was angry met again with Dong-Kyung, “I misjudged it. “It was a wrong conclusion. Dong-Kyung asked, “What does that mean now?” And Myul Mang said, “You’re right. You shouldn’t love me. So I can’t grant your wish. It’s impossible to ask me to love you. Let’s stop leaving together,” he answered.

After all the up and down Dong-Kyung who was deposited by the disappearing of Myul Mang Again removed the red bracelet that was given to her by him. In the end, Dong-Kyung Collapse again and was taken to the hospital, at the same time Girl Shin said, Don’t go. You decided not to look, Don’t see her like that forever. Don’t ever see her even if she dies or lives. Live like that, Can you live like that?”She said provoking Myul Mang. Meanwhile, Myul Mang immediately left the scene, and Girl Shin said, “The child has to rebel against his parents to grow up. Love burns only when it is tried,” she said to herself. Myul Mang Go Straight to the hospital. When he appeared, Dong-Kyung said, “It was inevitable, You think I will not be able to find you? I knew you were nice. You can’t run away Before you grant my wish. I told you if you grant my wish, I will let you go. Don’t you remember?” She got angry.

Then Myul Mang Calls her name, he  Said”Tak Dong-Kyung,” and hugs her emotionally. and Tak Dong-Kyung recalled the moments when Tak Sun-Kyung (Dawon) and Kang Soo-JA (Woo Hee-jin) waited and sang for her. While being hug by Myul Mang, Dong-Kyung said, ‘My life has always been hovering between the unhappy front and the undefeated back, waiting for an answer. In the end, this answer will call me. Sometimes the faces of misfortune and fortune are the same, and I still can’t tell them apart.” She Said while Hugging Myul Mang back.

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    In the last episode, Park Bo-young, and Seo In-guk confirmed their sincerity toward each other with a Rain kiss, which shook their hearts. However, it was shocking that the ending of Seo In-guk suddenly disappeared along with the words of Jung Ji-so (Girl Shin), who created Seo In-Guk. Will Park Bo-Young Choose the world over Seo In-Guk?

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