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YOUTH OF MAY EPISODE 9 RECAPS: After being diagnosed with a concussion, Hee-Tae tries to leave the hospital in a hurry, Due to the expansion of martial law, Hee-Tae and Myung-hee were forced to spend the night at the hospital because of the earlier-than-usual curfew.

Will Myung-Hee and Hee-Tae’s love end in the hospital?

Youth Of May Episode 9 Open with Hwang Ki-Nam given his security men the list of Student they will have to arrest, meanwhile, Hwang Hee-tae and Kim Myung-hee who have met in tears and realized their stronger love sleep together, a radio broadcasts showing the expansion of emergency martial law across the country, a military truck procession to Gwangju. Later in the Day Soo-Ryeon visited The Police Station and report missing persons, there she meets the police officer who has a crush on her, as she was written her contact number on his hand she learned that the government has decided to carry out martial law enforcement nationwide and run out of the police station.

Will Myung-Hee and Hee-Tae's love end in the hospital? (Youth of my Episode 9)

Later in the morning, Hee-Tae tried to leave with Myung-hee, expressing anxiety repeatedly he asked to go and see Myung-Soo together. In response, Myung-hee said she would visit her younger brother Myung-soo, but  Hee-tae insisted that his Dream is fierce and he didn’t want to be away from her for a moment. Myung- Hee console Hee-Tae and decide to meet at the boarding house after they finish their business. Hee-Tae, who visited his friend Hye-gun (Lee Kyu-sung) ahead of his escape with Myung-hee, finds his friend’s photo studio in a mess and looks everywhere to find Hye-gun. In the meantime, he comes across Soo-Hyeon, who came to visit Hye-gun in a hurry after watching the news of martial law.

“I think it’s a security guard,” Soo-Ryeon asked Hee-Tae to use his father’s influence. Hee-Tae said, “You want me to find out if Hye-gun was taken through my father? Don’t you know my father yet? If I get involved, I’ll be 10 times harder!” he said, declining her request. Hee-Tae revealed his plans when asked by Soo-Hyeon. “We will leave here with Myung-Hee today. If you want to fight, you should go to Seoul. If you’re going to stay in Gwangju, wear a hat.” After saying hello to Soo-Hyeon, Hee-Tae tried to leave the photo studio, and a friend of Soo-Hyeon who helped a bloody friend enters the photo studio.

Upon arriving at Myung-Soo sports Centre, Myung-Hee greeted her younger brother and said. “Myung-soo, I won’t be in Gwangju for a while. I’ll call you later.” Surprised by the sudden notice of separation, Myung-soo said, “Are you going to study abroad? “You said you wouldn’t go?” He cried. Myung-hee said, “No, I was supposed to go and see your sports. She assured Myung-soo, “You’re going alone? Are you sure you’re coming to the sports festival? Did you promise?” he said, and Myung-hee answer yes while leaving her brother.

Myung-hee, who was returning home by bus, is on the verge of being dragged by martial law forces trying to oust a college student. The rebellious Myung-hee hit the martial law army without hesitation, and Hee-Tae, who was Covering her was hit on the head, Myung-hee takes him to the hospital where she worked, He asks the doctor to disinfect the bleeding area only. However, Myung-hee worried about his health and even had him take a CT scan. Tests showed concussion. It wasn’t a big injury, but Myung-hee won’t let him go. Hence, Hee-Tae Friend Hye-Geun is badly hurt as a result of torture by Hwang Ki-Nam Men’s who are forcing him to make a false confession. Meanwhile, Lee Soo-Chan is been calling Hee-Tae’s phone but no one pick, when his father suggests sending their Auntie to find out what’s going on, he reassures his father to tell him when Soo-Ryeon called. Soo-Ryeon later Called and tells her brother that they were busy which is why nobody can pick his calls. Soo-Chan who is already aware Her stubbornness and feels as if she is close, says he will call at home, but Soo-Ryeon tells him that Hee-Tae is sleeping she doesn’t want to wake him up.

After being diagnosed with a concussion, Hee-Tae tries to leave the hospital in a hurry just then, he listens to a curfew siren. Due to the expansion of martial law, Hee-Tae and Myung-hee were forced to spend the night at the hospital. As anxiety gripped the unusual atmosphere, Myung-hee began to worry about her Colleagues she had to leave behind in Gwangju. Hee-Hae said, “Today, I think it was just a struck by lightning. Everything will be fine if we leave Gwangju tomorrow,” he Comfort Myung-Hee. Myung-hee said, “What if Gwangju isn’t the only one like this?” and couldn’t get over her anxiety. Hee-Tae said, “Don’t worry. I have a good persimmon. It’s almost like a human canary. Don’t be stubborn tomorrow and let go to the station as soon as you wake up,” he patted Myung-hee to bed. The next day, he opens his eyes and looks for Myung-hee, who is away, and finds Myung-hee, who is taking care of the patient in a nurse’s uniform. Hee-Tae shouted, “Let’s leave Gwangju right away,” but Myung-hee said she would stay in the hospital, saying, “I can’t leave the patients who are flocking to the hospital.”

Eventually, Hee-Tae wears a doctor’s gown and takes care of the patient after receiving a promise to leave Gwangju. Hee-Tae, who failed to graduate from medical school but passed the national exam, helps Myung-hee in the emergency room. Soo-chan (Lee Sang-Eun) feels uneasy when he cannot reach his sister, Soo-Hyeon, who went up to Seoul. While trying to save a middle school student being taken away by martial law soldiers, Soo-Hyeon, was caught the soldier and knelt on the street, the same police officer who has a crush on her Come and save them, Soo-Hyeon, which was barely running away, encounters her brother Soo-chan, Soo-chan tells her to Go homestay until everything is in order, but Soo-Ryeon insisted on going out to help the protesters.
Meanwhile, Hee-Tae discounted that Lee Jin-ah (Park Se-Hyun), who came to the hospital after being chased by martial law soldiers is bleeding from the nose, he asked to register and she Doctor, Jin-ah Collapse in the stairs and Hee-Tae had been panicking. Hee-tae hesitates as he panics at the moment, but started CPR on Lee Jin-ah, Myung-Hee calls the hospital attendance who took Jin-ah to the operation room. Myung-hee, who later reported that Lee Jin-ah was safe, said,  You Save jin-ah She assured Hee-Tae.
Myung-hee said, “I’m sorry. I was so stubborn. If I had left early today as you had expected,  you might not experience this,” and Hee-Tae said, “Myung-hee, thanks to your stubbornness, Jin-ah is lived and save. I didn’t run away for the first time in my life, so I could be next to Jin-ah when she collapsed, he said, adding that Jin-ah was saved by her stubbornness He added. And two decided to stay in the hospital longer, Under these circumstances, the hospital was flooded with patients. This is because soldiers who stormed into Gwangju indiscriminately assaulted the citizens.

The hospital member urges the Director to stop accepting patients because that may cause them the problem, but The Hospital director gives further directives to keep accepting the patient, while Kim Myung-hee, Hee-Tae, and other Nurses took care of the patients.

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Nice drama

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