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Protesters confronted martial law forces and the Soldiers firing at the unarmed civilian’s forces began. Jung-Tae and Myung-Soo were caught In the chaotic square, evacuated the scene the young Prince finds his father, Ki-Nam (Oh Man-Seok), who is ordering citizens to fire.

Goddess, Hypocrisy and utmost Effort of Kim Myung-Hee (Youth of May: Episode 10 Recap)

The 10 Episode Youth of May opens with the Story of Hee-Tae and His friend Kyung-soo recall by Kyung-soo, the two Friends have chat and Hee-Tae tells Kim Kyung-soo that they are nothing like being a nice person. Kyung-soo who was lost in thought was loading his gun in the Military camp. Meanwhile, Lee Soo-Ryeon was Sitting in the protester’s Hideout while collecting the Medical supply for the protesters, One of her friend Boo-Young pester her by asking if she was sent as a spy by her father In-Law, Soo-Ryeon who was already aggrieved by what is happening ignore him while he keeps upsetting her and blaming her for Hye-Geun disappearing, then Park Sun-Min cut him through and tell him that Soo-Ryeon has to Move out.

Martial law imposed across the country was becoming increasingly over suppressed in Gwangju and gunshot wounds began to enter the emergency room. Feeling the seriousness of the situation, Myung-hee contacts her younger brother Myung-soo (Cho Yi-Hyun), who is training in a camp for the national sports festival. Also Hee-Tae Step-Mother Contact Jung-Tae and ask if it okay for him to stay in the camp, instead Jung-Tae assured his mother that he will be within the camp premises. Later in the Day, a meeting was held by the assemblyman in Gwangju where others are suggesting to ask the military to withdraw because hundreds of innocent civilians were harmed. While the other side is against it.

The contains of the Meeting was written down by one of Hwang Ki-Nam Security man, and Ki-Nam takes the note to his superior who think Hwang Ki-Nam is slacking off and scolded him. Meanwhile, Hee-Tae’s friend Kyung-soo (Kwon Young-chan) was down in Gwangju as a martial law Army, was embarrassed by the Soldier, who orders him to shoot a protesting student, and instead of Kyung-soo, Kwang-kyu (Kim Eun-soo) pulled the gun and shoot the protester.


Later in the night the angry Soldier stole Kyung-soo’s gun and headed the gun to Kyung-soo when he pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t fire. The Soldier checked the bullet in the Gun and found that the bullet was misplaced. “Putting the bullet upside down? You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” the Soldier assaulted Kyung-soo, pushing him hard. after that Kyung-soo expressed his apologies to Kwang-kyu, who shot at the protester instead of him. 

Kwang-kyu who was very angry said, “You think I want to shoot someone? Hey, Kim Kyung-soo! You think you’re nice, right? If you don’t shoot, I have to shoot it nice to pass it on to others because you don’t want to get blood on your hands? It’s called selfish!” he said.

said by Kwang-kyu

Kyung-soo was shocked by what Kwang-kyu said, and Kwang-kyu left, advising him, “If you don’t want to shoot, hurry up and arrest them before someone else does. Lee Chang-Geun (Eom Hyo-sub) who was troubled by the absence of Soo-Chan heard a gunshot outside and said, “Did Su-chan come back from work in the evening? Did you see him go out? He said asking his sister. Meanwhile, Lee Soo-chan who was taken into custody, shouted to a fallen grandfather, “A person has fallen,” but the soldiers kicked Soo-chan, saying, “Who told you to move?” Afterward, Song Hae-Seong (played by Shim Ah-young) asked Hwang Ki-Nam to confirm whether Lee Soo-chan was taken into custody as per Chang-Geun’s request.

As the hospital has found some stability, Hee-Tae decided to leave Gwangju with Myung-hee.
“We decided to stay until we hand over Jin-ah to her father(Mr. Lee).” Myung-hee agreed with Hee-Tae’s suggestion and replied, “I was worried that the rest will work more  if we left together.”

Hee-Tae looks at her in a lovely way and Said, “Myung-hee, you have to take care of yourself first. I think it’s hypocritical to take care of others before yourself.” Shocked by his words Myung-hee said, “it’s usually called a sacrifice…”It’s hypocrisy for someone you love,” Hee-Tae replies back. So, we should think about ourselves first,” And hugged Myung-hee. Myung-soo and Jung-Tae (Choi Seung-hoon), who sneaked out of the camp training center to go to the comic book cafe, run to the streets in surprise by martial law soldiers who just entered the comic book store. The streets were crowded with protesters calling for the lifting of the emergency martial law, and Myung-soo and Jung-tae were swept away by protesters. At the same time Kim Hyun-Chul (played by Kim Won-Hae) Who was Troubled about his children, Myung-Hee and Myung-Soo went to Gwangju in search of them. At Gwangju, Protesters confronted martial law forces and the Soldiers began firing the unarmed protesters. In the chaotic square, Jung-the evacuated with Myung-soo and finds his father, Ki-Nam, who is ordering the Securities to beat the citizens.


Myung-hee and others who heard the sound of the gun are told by Lee Kyung-pil (played by Heo Jeong-do). who visited the hospital that he witnessed Myung-soo outside among the protesters and he is sure is her younger brother. Surprised Myung-hee called the camp where Myung-soo was staying, but Myung-soo was not there. There have been complaints that the number of patients carried by gunshot wounds has increased rapidly and that the wounded can no longer be carried because of martial law forces firing emergency vehicles. In response, the emergency room doctor went outside himself to find volunteers to transport patients, and Myung-hee raises her hand. Resisting Hee-the dissuasion, Myung-hee clenched her teeth and got into the ambulance. Hee-tae pulled Myung-hee down and said, “Why should You Go? Myung-hee, do you have two lives? Please don’t pretend to be nice!” he rebuked.

Myung-hee who was furious by the news of her brother shouted at him and said, “Don’t tell me what to do!” and got back into the ambulance. Eventually, Hee-Tae got into the car with Myung-hee. “Get off, Hee-Tae She Said.” And  Hee-tae replied to Myung-hee, “Don’t tell me what to do.” Myung-hee, who was busy transporting patients, runs after finding a pair of sneakers for her younger brother Myung-soo who is in the middle of the road. When Myung-hee ran around in a hail of bullets, Hee-Tae had to hold her up and go back to the bus. But Myung-hee said, “She heard a baby crying over there. What if it’s Myung Soo? She said narrating what Mr. Lee says to Hee-Tae, Those are Myung-soo’s shoes!” She sobbed and ran down the street after shaking off Hee-Tae’s hands. The martial law army, which found Myung-hee, chased her, and Hee-Tae blocked the martial law army that was chasing her. Hee-tae and Kyung-soo (Kwon Young-chan), who were friends, came to face each other, For Hee-Tae, struggling in a bloodstained gown to save his citizens, Kyung-soo is shocked and his gun drops.

Myung-hee, who returned to the hospital, is relieved to hear that Myung-soo arrived safely at the training center. She Collapses in Hee-Tae’s hand, saying he is right. I’m a hypocrite, When I checked the injured child’s face in the alley earlier, I was relieved that he wasn’t Myung-soo. He must have been the son and brother of another family. At that moment, I thought it was a relief.” Myung-hee said shedding tears of guilt. And Hee-Tae console her by saying, “Can’t you do that? You feel relieved at the very moment because you’re Myung-hee. You don’t want someone you love to be safe? Then you will be a bad person. A real hypocrite doesn’t even think of himself as a hypocrite.” He Said.


Then, the protesters stole army armory and distribute it among themselves to fight against the Military. Just then Soo-Ryeon saw them as they were allocating the gun and tell Boo-Young not to fight back using guns as that will mean giving them what they want, but Boo-Young who was not fond of Soo-Ryeon Decline her opinion and continue with his work. Though he gave her a solid reason why they should fight back since is against the law for A soldier to kill unarmed civilians. as Myung-soo and Jung-the returned to the camp safely, they were scolded by their couch and the Couch  later seal the windows with nails.
At the hospital Hee-tae told Myung-hee, who is criticising herself, that He should have go in her place if he knew it is because of Myung-Soo, then she asked if it’s okay for him to get hurt and not okay for her. “Myung-hee has Myung-soo and her parents, but I only have Myung-hee to lose He said. So let me do dangerous things from now on. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m asking you.” Hee-Tae added while comforting Myung-hee.


Therefore, Hwang Ki-Nam went to the Military camp and take Soo-Chan out, he asked him to take Car on the back door and go home, But Soo-Chan pleads him to release the children who were captured instead Ki-Nam Choke his Neck and tell him to be grateful since he didn’t jail his family. After that Hong Sang-Pyo (played by Noh Sang-bo) asked Kyung-soo to Shoot while torturing his Comrade. You don’t Care Whether your Comrade dies or not, all that you care about is those protesters, and Punch Kyung-Soo on the stomach. In response, Kyung-soo said She is a nurse I can’t kill a person who is not protesting. He said that after recalling his conversation with Hee-Tae.

Hee-tae and Myung-hee decided to go to the dormitory together to look after Myung-soo. During track that time, Kim Hyun-Chul who trek to Gwangju visited his daughter Myung-hee at the hospital and ask her to Follow him to Naju. “Let’s go to Naju. This is no place to be,” He said, declining, In response, Myung-hee and Hee-Tae who were about to leave, Hee-Tae briefly Stop her from entering the car there, and Hee-Tae and the Doctor who was riding an ambulance was then surrounded by soldiers. Then a mysterious vehicle hit Hwang Hee-Tae car. However, Hee-Tae was missing from the scene.
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  1. Youth of May is a wonderful drama, but the kind of suffering That encounter the main four character is Too. I don’t Why the Writer is given too More power to Hwang Ki-Nam. I don’t know why but I feel as if Lee Soo-Ryeon will receive more Injustice.

  2. As we see in this episode, Hwang Ki-Nam was not working on orders. He has been receiving orders from his senior Military officer, and their relationship seems unfavorable, seeing how Ki-Nam loves His Son’s thoughts he is not showing will he fight the Soldier to protect his family? Or will he give up on them to save his career?

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