“The Devil Judge,” Ji Sung, Wasn’t the justice you guys wanted” intense teaser

Ji-sung and Jin-young clash with different definitions in the second teaser “Devil Judge” released.

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge” (written by Moon Yoo-Seok/directed by Choi Jung-kyu/produced by Studio Dragon, Studio & New) is stimulating imagination indefinitely with a second teaser video depicting the fierce confrontation between Ji-sung (playing Kang Yo-han) and Jin-young (playing Kim Ga-on).

“The Devil Judge” is a drama that sends a message about justice through a live court show in which the entire nation participates against the backdrop of a fictional dystopia of Korea. The journey will begin at 9 p.m. on July 3 to find the answer to the question, “Is the devil judge Kang Je-han (Jisung), who appeared in the age of chaos, a hero for everyone or a devil wearing a judge’s mask?”

Devil Judge Second Teaser Preview

devil judge

In the second teaser video released, enigmatic judge Kang Je-han and associate judge Kim Ga-on (Jin Young), who will be the only hope in Dystopia, are confronting each other with completely different beliefs about “trial” from the start. First of all, Kang Jehan, the presiding judge of a live court show that is baptized with numerous camera flashlights, defines trial as a game. His remarks, which seem to be weighing victory and defeat rather than truth, are far from the aspect of a star judge who is admired by everyone, giving him a sense of coldness. On the other hand, Kim Ga-on, a judge who says, “A judge is the most powerful when he does it according to the law,” shows straight determination. Even if the world is disturbed and no one is looking at him, Kim Ga-on’s silence on his own path is clearly different from forced. As if to counter-question, Kang Je-han tries to see through his true heart with a sarcastic tone, saying, “Isn’t this… wasn’t the justice you guys wanted?” However, Kim Ga-on, standing in front of the long, long passage and finally forced, responded by saying, “Someone can’t monopolize justice,” heating up the hearts of viewers. In the virtual dystopia of Korea, I wonder whose belief will work.



As such, the second teaser video of “The Devil Judge” shows the opposing attitudes of the two men dealing with justice, while heralding a confrontation between Kim Ga-on, who forced him to deal with trials like a game. In addition, the synergy between Ji-sung and Jin-young’s acting, which created breathtaking tension, is also outstanding, and their bromance chemistry is expected. I’m already looking forward to the first broadcast to see what kind of relationship it will attract viewers. tvN’s new Saturday, “The Devil Judge” will premiere at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 3.




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