Monthly magazine home cast interviews ahead of First Episode.

The Cast of Monthly magazine home JTBC’s New Upcoming Wednesday-Thursday (written by Myung Soo-Hyun and directed by Lee Chang-min) has announced its plan to target all generations by portraying the romance of buying a house. While the production presentation for “Monthly House” was held online on the afternoon of the 16th, actors Jeong So-min, Kim Ji-Seok, Jeong Geon-Ju, Chae Jung-an, Kim Won-hae, and Ahn Chang-hwan attended.

“Monthly magazine home” is a romance drama about a woman living in a house and a man buying a house. Producer Lee Chang-min, who successfully led season 1 and season 2 of “Eluchachacha Waikiki,” directed the film, and writer Myung Soo-Hyun, who was well-received for his popping settings and inspiring empathy in “Young-ae,” and “Hon-Drinking Man and Woman,” wrote it. Producer Lee Chang-min said about “Monthly House,” I would like to say that the longer I watch it, the more interesting it is. You’ll know when you see it for yourself rather than when I say it a hundred times. That’s all I’m going to say.

“There is no villain in the drama, but the real estate itself may be a villain because viewers feel,” he said. “It feels like I’m going to show various types of houses and point to knowledge that I don’t know, rather than handling them roughly.” “House is important, but I think it’s important who lives inside. If you focus on the stories of the people who live in them, you’ll find it easier and more fun to follow the actors.

Monthly magazine home Cast Comments

Jung So-min Monthly magazine home cast

Jung So-min, who plays Na Young-won, who has been living alone for 10 years, said, “There are not only stories of living at home, but also the hardships each character has. “I think that’s the fun part of the story,” she said, explaining why she chose his work.”Young-won is sincere and always strong and brave. “He’s a friend who’s been there with his own strength and ability for 10 years, so he’s good at holding out,” he said. “He explodes when he makes ridiculous demands or when the level of bullying rises. One powerful room, though it seems to be constantly being attacked, is that the relationship that eternity feeds is the charm of Ja-sung and Eternity,” she added. Jung So-min said, “Everyone was comfortable at the scene because of my brother,” and added, “At the beginning of the shoot, there were many scenes where I did it alone, and we met and worked together, and it was so much fun.” I thought, “This is how much fun I’m going to have from the first breath

KIM JI-SEOK Monthly House

Kim plays Yoo Ja-sung, a real estate tycoon with tens of billions of dollars and CEO of a monthly house. He volunteered to be a “Booalmot” and the subject of real estate was very novel. “Because they are two very different men and women, we are also focusing on the change as we influence each other,” he said. The two, who worked together eight years ago in a one-act play, “You came to me and became a star.” When asked about his breathing at the set, Kim Ji-Seok said, “(Jung) So-min is a very flexible and open person. sHe did a good job in the reaction of magnetic stiffness. I think I’ve been helped a lot. He added, “You reacted differently to each cut. “If I’m the type who prepares a lot, Somin acts differently from time to time,” she added.

JUNG GUN-JOO Monthly House

Jang plays Shin Gyeom, a camping maniac, and photographer. “I think I can show you the charm of younger men again this time,” he said. “But I think I can show you more mature charms,” he said. “I will show you how I grow among many options.” Hw Said

CHAE JUNG-AN Monthly House

Chae Jung-An Plays The Role Of A Non-Marriage Female Character Who Earns 1.3 Million Won A Month In Luxury. Chae Jung-An Said, “When The Director Said ‘Let’s Go Together, I Didn’t Know What Was Going On And Said ‘Yes.’ “Let’s Go,” She Said, “I Had Nothing To Lose.” At The Same Time, He Said, “I Think I Have The Wisdom To Catch A Chance When It Comes. “I Instinctively Felt That A Good Opportunity Came,” She Said. “I Focused On The Director’s Words And The Actors’ Breathing So Much That I Thought I Would Have Gone To Seoul National University If I Had Private Tutoring From Director Lee Chang-Min When I Was Young.” It Was A Drama That I Learned From Acting. I’m Looking Forward To Seeing It With My


KIM WON-HAE Monthly House

“My House Has Become A Concern For All Generations,” Said Kim Won-Hae, Who Plays The Best Editor Of The Reconstruction Baragi. I’m Also About To Move. The Situation Was Immersed In The Title Of The Monthly House. “It’s A Reality Because I’m In A Drama,” He Said. “If It’s About A Relationship, It’s Only For The Younger Generation, But I Think It’s A Matter Of Reality That Makes A Living Right Away, So I Think It’s A Matter Of Empathy For All Generations.”

Ahn Chang-hwa Monthly magazine home cast
Ahn Chang-hwa

Ahn Chang-Hwan, Who Plays Nam Sang-Soon, A Kangaroo Who Dreams Of Winning A Subscription, Said, “All The Scenes Were So Fun That It Was Hard To Pick Up A Scene,” Adding, “It Would Be Fun To Follow The Central Characters In Every Case, But If You See The Characters That People Around Me React To, I Think It Would Rather Arouse Interest In The Drama.” The Responses That Each Person Expresses Are So Interesting,” He Said.

Finally, Kim Ji-Seok said, “The genre is fresh. “Just as you should sell the right house for yourself, so is the house, people, and love,” he said. “So I hope you can sell the product to the ‘monthly house’ that starts today.” Jung So-min said, “There is a warm and pleasant charm. It’s a life-oriented drama where you can see a lot of information about real estate,” he said, advocating a comprehensive gift set.

It will air at 9 p.m. on the 16th.


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