“Restricted Call”-2021 Cho Woo-jin reveals that He realized the happiness of his family

Actor Cho Woo-jin brought up the word “miracle” as a comment on his first starring film”Restricted Call” which will be aired in 2021. It is His first solo film in 22 years since his debut after passing through an unknown tunnel for more than a decade.

He, who made his name at the forefront of the main actor through the movie “Restricted Call,” was thrilled in a video interview held on Wednesday. Cho Woo-jin said, “If you ask about my one-pick or representative work, it’s Restricted Call. “It has nothing to do with my role,” he said. “the saddest and most memorable piece when I broke up at the scene. It was hard to let go of my hand,” he remembered. “I don’t think this movie has made me a leading actor. “It’s up to the viewers to decide,” he said. “All the staff put their soul into it. I think there are enough movies to watch in the theater.

"Restricted Call"-2021

Restricted Call” 2021 is a chase thriller film about Ahead of a bank center in Busan, Seong-Gyu (Jo Woo-jin) goes to work in his car with his daughter Hye-in (Lee Jae-in), who is about to take her entrance examination. She gets a call on her phone with a restriction on the number display (also known by the slang ‘black call’), “There’s a bomb under your seat right now. And as soon as you stop and get out of the car, you’re told it’s going to explode.” This triggers the beginning of horrors of the Seong-Gyu family in the middle of downtown Busan.

Although he played his character in a stable manner, he refused to appear in the movie due to pressure when he first received the scenario. “I didn’t hate the Scenario or the character, and I was scared. I wasn’t confident because I needed a lot of suction power, and I had to act in a car full of speed and tension. After I refused, I met the director when I was filming in Busan, and I was amazed by his passion. As soon as I saw her burning eyes, I had no choice but to hold her hand. he said smiling.”


Filming wasn’t easy either. Most of the scenes were done sitting in the car, and there were many situations in which people exchanged breath without the counterpart. The focus was on capturing the moment, such as the expression, emotion, and fear that the person felt every moment, which also required a great deal of energy and concentration.

Cho Woo-jin said, “All works are hard, but I don’t think there was a scene that wasn’t hard,” adding, “There was a moment when I was at a loss for what to do with each take.”

He went on to say, “I often had nightmares. “I was so nervous, scared, and burdened that I didn’t even sleep properly. I was in an extreme situation, and then I came out and I was able to see myself. The scene itself, the space of the car itself, seemed to drag it by the collar. My blood pressure has risen a lot since I started shooting the movie, but I’m still taking blood pressure pills,” he said.

It was the family that kept him going. Cho Woo-jin said, “If it weren’t for the family and daughter, I wouldn’t have been able to play Sung-kyu on the spot,” adding, “It’s a work that made me realize the inspiration from my family and the happiness from my daughter.”

Sung Kyu in the movie is no different. Sung Kyu is a cool-headed person, but he is chased by a blackmailer and realizes the importance of his family that he has neglected. “I thought the director and staff would take good care of the car-chasing action or thriller,” Cho said. “I thought I only needed to take care of paternal love,” he said. “It’s a work based on Spain, and I wanted to show my paternal love through Korean films.”

“I think the chemistry between the couple is a gift package hidden behind the movie. As a father with a real daughter, I was able to immerse myself in Sung-kyu’s feelings,” he said.

Looking back on his long-standing acting career, the opportunity for “miracle” comes as a deserved price.”I’ve heard a lot of expressions such as hard work icons and great supporting roles, but I just did my best in my work and role. I think the work is destiny. I’ve never participated in a certain genre or character. I think it’s up to me to do my best as given. I just want to be a good actor who can act with empathy.” Meanwhile “Restricted Call” will be released on the June 23, 2021


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