The Devil Judge Episode 1 Recap

The Devil Judge” “Episode 1 Recap” is a drama that conveys a message about justice through a live court show involving the entire nation against the backdrop of a fictional dystopia Korea, with Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Jin Young, Park Kyu-young, and Ahn Do-sang appearing.

The Devil Judge: Episode 1 Recap

The Devil Judge Episode 1 Recap

The Devil Judge Episode 1 – I am the power

Kang Yo-Han Make a strong Confession by saying “I am the power,” he said, announcing the start of the unprecedented trial. He passed through the colorful red carpet and went up to the podium under the shutters’ baptism, and reporters bombarded him with embarrassing questions as he was in charge of the trial. This was from the controversy over the unconstitutionality of the trial, to show off, to lack consideration for the socially disadvantaged, and to be confident of losing to power. I exercise judicial power delegated by the people. Who is above the people? You people are power, he then meets a lot of Family and friends “Congratulations,” said Jung Sun-ah (Kim Min-jung) who approached Kang Yo-han after the speech. Judge Star. Do you want us? Cheers to sexy power,” she said.

The Devil Judge Episode 1 Recap

Meanwhile, Kang Yo-han gained popularity among the entire nation by making a charismatic and bold ruling as the presiding judge of the trial court, and Min Jung-ho (played by Ahn Nae-sang) cautioned against such coercion. Min Jung-ho turned his student Kim Ga-on into a sitting judge to watch Kang. Knowing Min’s intentions, Kim Ga-on asked, “Do you want me to be Judas?” Kim Ga-on then visited Kang Yo-han and said, “Nice to meet you for the first time,” while Yo-han shook hands, saying, “Welcome. I’m on the battlefield.” Yo-han then said to himself, “You look alike.” On his way home from work that day, Kim Ga-on witnessed a kindergarten bus rushing toward the Supreme Court. When a little child fell down and was in danger of being hit by a car, Kim Ga-on hugged the child and threw himself. On the other hand, Kang forced the bus to stop by shooting the driver without hesitation.


The Devil Judge Episode 1

Kim Ga-on then went into the bus and took the driver out after the overturned bus burst into flames. The next day, Kim Ga-on told Yo-han, “I was grateful for your help yesterday. You didn’t hesitate to shoot. Were you going to kill the driver?” Kang Yo-han replied, “Even if the driver died, the bus would have gone straight.” Then Kim Ga-on said, “You shot him and instinctively to turned the steering wheel,” while Kang said, “Isn’t that a small number? One is smaller than two,” said Kim Ga-on, “I lived thanks to you. I don’t want to be a small number In front of the big number,” he said, “You like numbers too much, don’t you? If you’re going to have a democratic trial, why do we need it? Is that a trial? “No matter how many times the people in the class have opinions, why do we need them if you decide based on the number of votes is by the people vote?” he added, “You can’t see the picture. “If there’s no one on my left or right, it’s a broadcast because the picture is empty.” and the two ended their Conversion. Jeong Sun-ah visited Cha Kyung-hee (played by Jang Young-nam) and expressed dissatisfaction with her handling of the JU Chemical case in the first trial. instead Minister Kyung-hee said, “Why are the foundations that do social welfare business so interested? “I told you I’d take care of it, but you’re so arrogant,” she said. Jeong Sun-ah said, “I’m sorry, Minister, I’m out of the line. Do you mind if I say one more Word? she asked the minister and said Did you know that all the cars you commute to and from the picture on the wall and that of the chair you’re sitting on were funded by our foundation? We need to build a private prison because we don’t have enough prisons. I wonder, Minister, who is serving the country?” moreover Cha Kyung-hee is speechless.

The Devil Judge Episode 1

However, Kim Ga-on asked Yoon Soo-Hyun to bug him, Ga-on said, “If you want to know more about yourself, you’ll get hurt.” Later, a bug was installed in the Yo-Han office forced by Kim Ga-on, who eavesdropped on Kang’s phone call, followed Kang’s footsteps in meeting with a lawyer. Upon hearing this, Min Jung-ho said, “Did the presiding judge meet with his lawyer and talk to the minister just before the trial?” Kim Ga-on said, “It’s doubtful, but you know this alone doesn’t prove anything. “I’ll have to watch it with my eyes wide open in court,” he replied.

The trail that shooks the public

As The trial began and 75 percent of the public was angered by JU Chemical’s release of toxic waste in water, which killed many people and killed their families, and 75 percent pressed the red button to punish them immediately. “Don’t accuse a patriotic businessman of being a murderer,” he said. Joo Il-do claimed that heavy metal poisoning can occur in everyday life by making Yoo a witness. In response, Kim Ga-on pointed out that the pollutant released in the wastewater was cyanide, and forced Dr. Yoo to spray water by saying that the water he drinks was changed to sewage samples. Then the witness revealed that JU Chemical Chairman had long known the discharge of wastewater and refused to spend money on that, as the plant is about to be relocated, and that the lives of elderly people in nearby villages were considered insignificant. More than 95 percent of the people voted guilty, and the Chairman changed its direction from innocence to professional negligence.

Kim Ga-on suspected coercion until the end, but forced him to commit professional negligence with a maximum sentence of five years, and sentenced 47 victims to 235 years of imprisonment. Kang forced Kim Ga-on into further confusion by shedding tears in consoling the family of the deceased victim. Kang Yo-han hinted at the past by looking at Kim Ga-on and recalling the scene of the fire.

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what an amazing opening, Kim Ga-on who was confused about the wiretapped information of the defendant, and Kang Yo-han, who named after the victims, ruled in the JU Chemical that “the sentence is 235 years in prison within the sum of 47 victims.” Later, he approached the suspect and said, “Long live is confusing. but keep popping in my mind is What connected Yo-Han and Ga-On. What are your thoughts about this Episode? Voice out in the Comments Section below.


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