JTBC confirmed the death of Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo

Actress Kim Mi-soo, who is currently starring in the JTBC popular drama “Snowdrop,” died on Saturday at the age of 30. As the production team has completed the pre-production, it is inevitable for the production team to discuss the amount, characters, and development coordination.

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Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo

A JTBC official told iMBC that he had heard of the death of actress Kim Mi-soo and is checking it out.

Kim Mi-soo’s agency, Landscape Entertainment, reported the actor’s death on the same day, saying, “The bereaved families are in such a sad situation that the sudden sad news is so heartbreaking,” adding, “I sincerely ask you to refrain from rumors or speculative reports so that the bereaved families can pay reverent tribute to the deceased.”


Kim Mi-soo’s funeral will be held quietly behind closed doors in accordance with the wishes of the bereaved families.

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Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo
actress Kim Mi-soo

Meanwhile, Kim Mi-soo, born in 1992, became a star in the sky at the age of 30. After making her debut with the short film “Lipstick Revolution,” she appeared in dramas such as “Hi-bye, Mama!” and “Shooting Table.” She also starred in last year’s film “The Way: Returning,” and in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Snowdrop,” she was playing the role of Yeo Jung-min, a best friend of Youngro’s (Jisoo) dormitory. – Rest In Peace Kim Mi-so



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