“Twenty-five twenty-one” (K-Drama): Cast, Summary And the Release date

“Twenty-five Twenty-one” (KDrama) Cast

Twenty-five twenty-one is an awaited kdrama telling The love story of a youth who finds new direction and growth after having their dreams taken away. The main lead in the drama is Nam Ji-Hyuk, Kim Tae-Ri, Bona, and Choi Hyun-Wook.

“Twenty Five Twenty one” (K-Drama) / Information.

  • Title: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Seumuldaseot Seumulhana, 스물다섯 스물하나
  • Director: Jung Ji-Hyun
  • Writer: Kwon Do-Eun
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday.
  • Network: tvn, Netflix
  • Airs Date: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
  • Genre: Friendship, Romance, Youth, Drama
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Language: Korean

“Twenty Five, Twenty-one” (K-Drama) / Summary

An ordinary office worker disguises herself and goes on a blind date with her attractive boss in the place of her friend to end this unwanted marriage blind date after her request.


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“Twenty-five, Twenty-one” (K-Drama) / Cast

Twenty-five Twenty-one KDrama Cast

• Kim Tae-Ri as Na Hee-Do

Hee-Do becomes a professional fencer for the National Fencing team after many twists and turns. Her high school team had to disband due to the IMF financial crisis that struck South Korea in the late 1990s. She is a bold person who doesn’t know how to give up.

Twenty-five Twenty-one KDrama Cast

• Nam Joo-Hyuk as Baek Yi-Jin

Yi-Jin is the eldest son of a family that was destroyed by the IMF. After he lost all of his money, he became a reporter. To maintain his livelihood, he also works part-time at a book rental shop and as a newspaper delivery person

Bona Twenty-five Twenty-one

Bona as Go Yoo-Rim

Yoo-Rim is the youngest fencing gold medalist and Na Hee-Do’s rival. She is a charismatic fencer, but when she removes her fencing suit she is a lovely, outgoing, and strong-willed person.

KDrama Trailer

• Choi Hyun-Wook as Moon Ji-Woong

An influencer with a unique personality and style. His main goal is to receive the badge “Today’s Member” on Cyworld, South Korea’s top social media site, in the early 2000s

 KDrama / Trailer/ Summary

Lee Ju-Myeong as Ji Seung-Wan

Known as “Joan of Arc”, she is first in her school and class president but is full of rebellion at heart. She is part of the broadcasting department and DJs’s a pirate radio show where she passionately shares concerns with listeners about this era, society, school, and individual life.

“Twenty-five, Twenty-one” (K-Drama) / Trailer

“Twenty-five, Twenty-one” (K-Drama) / Release Date
“Twenty-five twenty-one” is expected to release from Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022


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