“Going on a trip with im Si-wan vs Going on a trip with Park Myung-soo” (photo)

Going on a trip with Park Myung-soo vs. going on a trip with Im Si-wan

MC and singer Park Myung-soo showed an unexpectedly good performance in a showdown with actor im Si-wan.”It is ‘Traveling with Park Myung-soo vs. Traveling with Im Si-wan”.

On the 3rd, a post titled “Going on a trip with Park Myung-soo vs. Going on a trip with Lim Si-wan” was posted on the online community Theku. The writer listed photos taken by Park Myung-soo and Lim Si-wan. And put up some travel conditions at the bottom.

The author said, “I can’t take a picture. Park Myung-soo or Lim Si-wan must take a picture. “You can’t take pictures. Must be posted on Instagram. Once you go there, you won’t be able to travel there again.

Park Myung-soo is rumored to be a good photographer. In one program, he took a photo of Red Velvet member Joey (Park Soo-young) on a trip and was recognized for his skills.

On the other hand, Im Si-wan is famous for his so-called “selfie fool” who wants to take away the camera. He is well known for not being able to take selfies among fans due to unknown angles and filters.

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Meanwhile, Netizens engaged in a war of words in the comments. Those who chose Park Myung-soo (No. 1) responded by saying, “If I can marry Im Si-wan after a trip,” “I’ll get my life shot without ceasing to laugh,” “I have a photo left,” and “If I can’t go back to my destination, I’ll be a Myeong-Su-Ong.”

"Going on a trip with im Si-wan vs Going on a trip with Park Myung-soo" (photo)

Those who chose Im Si-wan (No.2) said, “We still have to do it, right?”What does life photography mean?” “It’s not Lim Si-wan,” “It’s a memory,” “I heard that Lim Si-wan is in front of my eyes, so it’s like a live photo.”


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