Lee Junho, “A 14-year-old younger girlfriend? There’s nothing I can’t do, but I dare”

2 PM Lee Junho had time to communicate with fans, and bag himself a Younger Girlfriend. “On Thursday, Lee hosted a live broadcast on his Instagram account.

Lee Jun-ho said on the same day, “I’ve been well. I’ve been busy and working hard, and I’ve been spending my days very rewarding

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Lee Jun-ho then said about his comeback, “I’m reading the script that was sent to me. I can’t wait to make a comeback,” he said, adding that he is considering his next film.


When it comes to 2 PM’s plans to release a new album, Lee said, “I wish I could come out, too, but I need to look at many things and find a good time. The members are busy with their activities, so they are constantly trying to talk. I can’t say that I want to do it, so I’m thinking about how to look cool.”

Later, one fan asked Junho, “I was born in 2004 and can I be your girlfriend?” and Lee Junho was embarrassed, saying, “How old are you in 2004?” “How dare I say such a thing? There’s nothing that can’t be done, but I’m embarrassed,” he added, closing his face.
Watch the stream below.



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