Lee Min Ho was accused of going to China to meet U30 rich women, the tip was even higher than the salary?

A blog post about Lee Min Ho is getting a lot of attention from netizens in china

Recently, a hot Chinese blogger named Di Su suddenly revealed that Lee Min Ho used to often go to China to make money, especially after the movie “The Heirs” aired. 

However, the actor did not just go to China to act in commercials or meet fans, but to go out with Chinese rich women to eat, drink, and relax. According to this blogger, Lee Min Ho once went with 4 rich women, it is worth mentioning that these are girls who are only about 30. 

This person also added that Lee Min Ho was also “tied” by a rich woman for 20 million yuan, higher than his salary.

In response to this person’s comments, Lee Min Ho’s fan station in China said that in 2013 the actor did not have time to rest, so he couldn’t find time to go to China… go to a guest. In addition, with Lee Min Ho’s popularity, the actor is not free to do such things. Currently, the actor’s fans are collecting evidence to send to Korea.

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After infuriating Lee Min Ho’s fans, this blogger apologized and said that he was not targeting the King: Eternal Monarch actor. However, this sharing still did not make the fans cool down, and at the same time criticized this person for “fishing for fame”.

Keyword Lee Min Ho is currently climbing hot search on Weibo. (Source: Cbiz – The scout squad).

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It is known that shortly, Lee Min Ho will reappear in the Pachinko project. This is a film set during the Japanese invasion of Korea and the beginning of World War II, the story revolves around a family of four generations in Korea. These family members have overcome many difficulties of life, after the upheaval of the times, they have experienced many losses.

Pachinko will air on March 25 here.


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