HOT: Jung Hae In confirmed to be in a sweet relationship with Jisoo (BLACKPINK)?

Netizens couldn’t help but be surprised when Jung Hae In’s information changed and said he was in love (Relationship) with Jisoo (BLACKPINK).

After officially collaborating on the TV project Snowdrop appearing with remarkable details such as the same pair of pants with similar designs and colors, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In aroused many dating suspicions. 

jung hae in relationship

It seems to understand the hearts of those “rowing the boat” Hae-soo, but recently, on the Wikipedia information page of actor Jung Hae In, there was suddenly a new update. 

Specifically, Wikipedia announced: “Currently Jung Hae In is in a sweet relationship with Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK)”, making people excited that Wikipedia is on behalf of the client to confirm all the claims. However, there are also opinions that Wikipedia is a website that can be edited by users, so it is a fan-made product.

jung hae in relationship
Wikipedia Vietnam changes information about Jung Hae In.

To date, neither Jisoo nor Jung Hae In have spoken out or made any real moves about the rumors. People hope that the couple is dating based on the very honest chemistry in the drama.

jung hae in relationship snowdrop

Snowdrop is a series with a low rating, controversial, and even nearly banned. But thanks to the great attraction from the talented and talented couple, the film still achieves good effects on many different platforms. 

The ending of the film is not complete when the main characters Young Ro (Jisoo) and Su Ho (Jung Hae In) are forever separated. But with very loving footage and very genuine reactions from the couple, fans hope that Jisoo and Jung Hae In can bring a really beautiful ending in real life.   

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