A business Proposal will have another special episode, will it be a behind-the-scenes?

According to the latest information released, in addition to 12 main episodes, A business Proposal will have 1 more special episode.

four People

There is a motif that is not new, but the drama  “A Business proposal” still receives great support from the audience. This film project has the participation of four beautiful boys and girls, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Se Jeong, Seol In Ah, and Kim Min Kyu. After 4 episodes, the rating of the drama has increased to 8.7%, almost double that of episode 1.

A business Proposal will have another special episode,

According to the announcement, the drama “A business proposal  will have 12 episodes. However, recently, SBS – the broadcasting unit has announced that this drama will have one more special episode. The A business Proposal special episode is expected to air at 10 pm on Saturday, March 19 with a duration of up to 1 hour.

Currently, the content of the special episode of A business proposal is still a mystery. Many viewers think that this episode will be a behind-the-scenes interview of the cast. However, there are also many people who think this will be a compilation of all the interesting scenes that have never appeared in the Drama

A business Proposal special episode

However, this is just information that has been passed on by netizens, but the actual content of the special episode will have to wait until March 19. Currently, the audience is extremely excited about the special episode of the drama.

Netizen Comments

– Any special episode is fine, as long as there is an ancestor and an octopus, I want to watch it.

– Usually, when the show is over, there’s a special episode, surely SBS thinks the drama is screaming too much, so it’s going to show this episode to make it hot?

– The movie is so good that you have to wait a week to watch it again, there is a special episode as well as comforting the audience.

– Probably behind the scenes of those actors, the whole cast of 4 people, 2 gentle brothers and 2 sisters come to the wharf.

A business Proposal special episode

A business Proposal attracts the audience thanks to its beautiful cast and extremely humorous situations. The drama is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

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