Korean Drama Airing in half months of December 2020

here is is the collection of Korean Drama to start Airing in half months of December 2020.

( MyDramaFans list )

1-Mr. Queen / Queen Cheorin

Korean Drama Airing in half months of December 2020
Queen Cheorin

Synopsis: In the present day, Jang Bong-Hwan works as a chef at the President’s Blue House. He has a free spirit, but his spirit somehow finds its way into the body of Queen Kim So-Yong (Shin Hye-Sun) in the Joseon period.

Start: December 3, 2020
Channel: tvN
Days: Saturday & Sunday


2-True Beauty

Korean Drama to start Airing in half months of December 2020 1
True Beauty

Synopsis: True Beauty is a romantic comedy about a high school girl Lim Ju Gyeong, who rises to pretty girl fame after she masters the art of make-up from YouTube. She turns into a goddess because of her makeup skills, but would rather die than reveal her bare face to anyone.
Start: December 9, 2020
End: January 28, 2021
Channel: tvN
Episode: 16
Days: Wednesday & Thursday

3 – Hush (Korean Drama)

Korean Drama in December 2020.
Hush (Korean Drama)

Synopsis: Hush is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas. Han Jun Hyeok is a veteran reporter for a newspaper. He first became a reporter to pursue justice, but he is now conflicted between idealism and pragmatism. Han Jun Hyeok must also deal with personal issues as a husband and father.
Start: December 11, 2020 –
End: January 30, 2021
Channel: jTBC
Episode: 16
Days: Friday, Saturday
5- Sweet Home (Korean Drama)

4 – Run On

Korean Drama in December 2020.
Run On

Synopsis: A love story between Ki Sun-Gyeom (Im Si-Wan) and Oh Mi-Joo (Shin Se-Kyung). Ki Sun-Gyeom was once a popular sprinter for the national team. Due to a case, he quit the sport. He then begins to work as a sports agent.
Start: December 16, 2020
End: February 4, 2021
Channel: jTBC Netflix
Episode: 16
Days: Wednesday, Thursday

5- Sweet Home (Korean Drama)

Korean Drama in December 2020.
Sweet Home (Korean Drama)

Synopsis: Cha Hyun-Soo (Song Kang) is a high school student. He is also a recluse and rarely leaves his room. He refuses to talk to his father, mother and younger sister. One day, his whole family, except for him, dies in a car accident. Cha Hyun-Soo is left all alone.

He moves into a small apartment. At this time, a mysterious phenomenon of humans turning into monster occur all around the world. The residents of Cha Hyun-Soo’s apartment building, including Pyeon Sang-Wook (Lee Jin-Wook), fight against these monsters and try to survive.
Start: Dec 18, 2020
Channel: Netflix
Episode: 10
Days: Friday

6- Secret Royal Inspector

Korean Drama in December 2020.
Secret Royal Inspector

Synopsis: Set towards the end of the Joseon era, Sung Yi Gyum placed first in the state examination and he now works at the Hongmungwan (administrative and research department).

He doesn’t have a goal or ambition for his life. One day, Sung Yi Gyum is caught gambling. As punishment, he is assigned to work as a secret royal inspector.
Start: December 21, 2020
End: February 9, 2021
Channel: KBS2
Episode: 32
Days: Monday, Tuesday

7- Lovestruck in the City

Korean Drama in December 2020.
Lovestruck in the City

Synopsis: Park Jae-Won (Ji Chang-Wook) is an architect with a passionate and honest personality. He enjoys the small streets in the city and collecting different things. He does not forget the woman who stole his heart and disappeared.

Lee Eun-O (Kim Ji-Won) works as a freelancer marketer. She takes a trip without making specific plans. While on her trip, Lee Eun-O meets Park Jae-Won in a strange place.

she introduces herself as Yoon Sun-A and pretends to have a free spirit, which is a totally different personality from her real self. She falls in love with him.
Start: December 22, 2020 –
End: January 29, 2021
Channel: Kakao TV, Netflix
Episode: 12
Days: Monday, Tuesday

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