Shin Ha-Ri of “a business proposal” has 5 hairstyles that are much prettier than in the movie

In real life, Shin Ha-Ri of a business Proposal ( Kim Se Jeong ) used to be friends with many beautiful and luxurious hairstyles that are worth learning from.

Not inferior to many other “big” names such as Park Min Young (Forecast of Love and Weather), Kim Tae Ri (Twenty-five twenty-one), the female lead Kim Se Jeong of ” a business Proposal. ” is the most talked-about name on social networks. Kim Se Jeong owns a beautiful beauty, extremely charming acting and contributes significantly to helping the drama widely reach the audience. In addition to the visual, the fashion or even the hairstyle of the character Shin Ha Ri, played by  Kim Se Jeong, is enough to attract attention.


In the series, Kim Se Jeong transforms with two hairstyles: thinning bangs and highlighted curly hair. When living with the status of a rich lady, the light curly hairstyle brings a very luxurious and a bit “playful” look to the actress. When she returned to work as a normal office lady, the character Shin Ha Ri looked sweet and youthful with layered hair and trendy thin bangs. Shin Ha Ri’s two hairstyles are both very stylish, however, compared to actress Kim Se Jeong’s beautiful hair collection in real life, it is still not as impressive.

Shin Ha-Ri of “a business proposal” Curtain long hair

kim se jeong

Curtain bangs are not a hot trend, but they never go out of style. This type of roof brings a classic and luxurious look to the owner, and at the same time shrinks the face very well. When wearing curtain bangs, Kim Se Jeong doesn’t even need to dye her hair, just wears the traditional black hair color and is still very beautiful and stylish. In addition, the layering and slight curling of the hair also contribute to ensuring that Kim Se Jeong’s appearance will only be beautiful, flying upwards, not “dull”.

Shoulder-length layered hair

Shin Ha-Ri  of a business proposal
Shin Ha-Ri of a business proposal

Layered shoulder-length hair is a very good hairstyle to refer to because almost every girl who applies it is beautiful. This hairstyle is light and cool, suitable for the upcoming summer. More importantly, shoulder-length layered hair will bring a youthful, yet elegant look to women’s visuals, so there’s more reason to be concerned. For those with thin hair, this option will help increase the thickness of the hair by one and a half times.

Curly hair

Shin Ha-Ri

Undeniably, curly hair is a rather picky hairstyle. However, once you have conquered this hairstyle, your beauty will rank up, and stand out from the crowd. Kim Se Jeong is also one of the few Korean beauties to excel in the curly hairstyle. When connecting with this hairstyle, Kim Se Jeong’s visual impresses with her charm, mixed with an extremely eye-catching liberal feature.

Long hair with thin bangs

a business proposal
Shin Ha-Ri kim

Long, flowing hair is very feminine, but it also makes women worry about their “aging” appearance. However, if the roof is cut sparsely, the “landscape” will change immediately. 

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