Lee Byung Hun’s wife suddenly revealed that the two broke up once before meeting again and getting married

During a broadcast, Lee Byung Hun‘s Wife “Lee Min Jung” talked about the story behind her marriage.

Recently, appearing on the show, the beauty “Meteor Garden” herself revealed more about her love story and her husband Lee Byung Hun.

The actress revealed, “I first met him at a restaurant through acquaintances of the two. At that time, I was 25 years old and had just started working in this industry. I dated him for about a year then he had to work in America. I was very passionate and excited about acting because I just started doing it. So we broke up due to differences in work and marriage views. Three years later, I met him again, and we got married.”

Lee Byung Hun's wife
Star couple Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Min Jung confessed, “We met again while filming overseas. One day, he called me and said, “Let’s meet when I return to Korea.” And the day we met, we got back together. I delayed our marriage because I wanted to. continue my career. But he told me to decide. He said: ‘If you choose to marry me, I will wait for you anyway, so tell me if you are going to marry me”. “I thought I would never meet a guy that I loved this much. But then I still wanted to dedicate myself to developing my career. I struggled a lot and ended up giving it up. “If I didn’t get married then, I don’t know when I would have done it. I got married at 32, and I did it at a younger age than I intended,” Lee Min Jung said.



During a broadcast, Lee Byung Hun also shared the time when he missed Lee Min Jung the most while filming overseas and he decided to call her. The actor also confessed that they made up with each other through that phone call. And both decided to reconnect to build their love again.

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Lee Byung Hun's wife

Recently, Lee Min Jung also mentioned her husband Byung Hun in the variety show “You Quiz on the Block”. As the actress revealed, she and her husband are two people with opposite personalities: “When we go to the same house, we will discover things we don’t like in each other. Compared to my husband, I am quite hot. At that time, he will be patient and gentle with me. Even, I have been complained by my parents because of my personality.”

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung got married in August 2013 and have a son.


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