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“It’s Beautiful Now” (2022 KDrama): Cast, Summary, Trailer & Release Date

“it’s beautiful Now” Kdrama is a realistic story of the current generation who do not want to date and not marry and the meaning of family.
The leads in the drama are Yoon Shi Yoon, Bae Da-Mi, Shin Dong Mi, and Oh Min-Suk.

Yoon Shi Yoon has most recently starred in the successful Wavve  drama “You Raise Me”, as well as popular dramas  such as “Train”, “the Nokdu flower”, and “Psychopath Diary.” 

Bae Da-Mi  has appeared in the dramas “Did you like Brahms?”, “Love Alarm 2”, and “More than a friend.” and the rest of the Actors follow 

“it’s Beautiful Now” (2022 K-Drama)/ Information


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  • Title:  현재는 아름다워, Hyun Jae Is Beautiful, Right Now Is Beautiful, It’s Beautiful Now, Hyeonjaeneun Aleumdawo
  • Director: Kim Sung Geun
  • Writer: Ha Myung Hee
  • Network: KBS2 TV
  • Airs Date: April 2nd, 2022
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • No. of Episodes: 50
  • Genre: Romance, Family, Drama
  • Language: Korean

“it’s Beautiful Now” KDrama / Summary

“it’s beautiful right now” follows the story of Lee Yoon-Jae, Lee Hyun-Jae and Lee Soo-Jae who are brothers and they are not interested in dating or getting married. Meanwhile, their families are all concerned about their indifference to marriage. They decide to make an offer to the brothers. Their offer is that the first brother to marry will receive an apartment from them. Each of the brothers decides to look for a woman to marry

“it’s Beautiful Right Now” (2022 K-Drama)/ Cast

It's Beautiful Now Kdrama

Yoon Shi-Yoon as Lee Hyun-Jae

Lee Hyun Jae is a divorce lawyer. He isn’t particularly interested in dating or marriage as he is busy and hasn’t found someone he likes, but everything changes when he meets Hyun Mi Rae.

It's Beautiful Now Kdrama

Bae Da-Bin as Hyun Mi-Rae

Hyun Mi-Rae works as a VIP personal shopper and she wants to file for an annulment of her marriage.

shim It's Beautiful Now Kdrama

Shin Dong-Mi as Shim Hae-Joon

Sim Hae-Joon works at the same law firm as Lee Yoon-Jae’s younger brother Lee Hyun-Jae. She falls in love with the  Yoon-Jae eldest Brother her dentist.

min suk

Oh Min-Suk as Lee Yoon-Jae

Lee Yoon-Jae works as a dentist. He has operated his dental clinic for the past 5 years and he has a good reputation among his patients. One of his patients is Sim Hae-Joon

It's Beautiful Right Now kdrama

Cho Ye-Bin as Na Yoo Na.

Na Yoo Na dreams of becoming a patissier. She came to Seoul to achieve her dream and attend a bakery school.

It's Beautiful Now Kdrama

Seo Bum-Jum as Lee Soo-Jae

Lee Soo-Jae He is studying for his exam to become a public officer. He also works part-time to pay his bills. While doing his part-time job, he meets Na Yoo-Na

it’s Beautiful Right Now” (2022 K-Drama)/ Trailer

it’s Beautiful Right Now” (2022 K-Drama)/ Release Date

Its Beautiful Right Now is expected to release on 2nd April 2022.

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