‘half-season bad boy’ of Kdrama of 2022: Kim Min Kyu of Business Proposal turns into a bad boy with just one kiss

Kim Min Kyu of Business Proposal makes people feverish with his bad-boy image

The Korean screen in early 2022 became quite bustling with the appearance of many interesting characters. Along with SAOstar, review the “half-season bad boys” of Korean dramas that make the audience excited.


Kim Min Kyu had the opportunity to take on the role of secretary Cha Seung Hoon in the movie Business Proposal. As soon as he was on air, he was impressed by his outstanding beauty and polite personality.

min kyu

However, after a series of kissing scenes as well as hot scenes with the woman Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), Kim Min Kyu was quickly given the title of “half-season bad boy”. The reason given is that on the outside, secretary Cha looks gentle and calm, but when immersed in the emotional scene, this male and female character is ready to “burn out” with his co-star.

Kim Min Kyu of Business Proposal

Before Business Proposal, Kim Min Kyu had the opportunity to appear in Snowdrop. With his name becoming more and more famous, he is expected to soon take on the lead role in a quality drama.

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After a series of successes from works like Midnight, Squid Game, Wi Ha Joon gradually caught the eye of many directors. In 2022, the guy returns with a new movie called Bad and Crazy.

 wi ha joon

The actor played the role of K-guy who upholds justice. When faced with a person who only knows his own interests like Ryu Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), K is not afraid to make a series of crazy jokes. From racing to breaking into Soo Yeol’s house, there’s nothing that K doesn’t dare to do in the hope that Soo Yeol will stop her wrongdoing.

Kim Min Kyu of Business Proposal

Although the film did not resonate on the forums, many viewers expressed interest in Wi Ha Joon’s unique character image.


Another “half-season bad boy” that is also making a splash recently is Ahn Bo Hyun. He had an impressive collaboration with Jo Bo Ah in the movie Military Prosecutor Doberman.

ahn bo

In the drama, Ahn Bo Hyun plays prosecutor Do Bae-Man. People know the male lead as a cold person who sometimes behaves rudely towards the female lead. However, deep inside Bae Man, he is a person who values ​​truth and fairness.

Kim Min Kyu of Business Proposal

Despite facing strong opponents at the same time of the broadcast, both Jo Bo Ah and Ahn Bo Hyun still showed their stable performance. Currently, the actor is expected to have a breakthrough in the final leg of the work.

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