Which Character of ‘Nam Joo-hyuk’ is my favorite?

Which Character of ‘Nam Joo-hyuk’ is my favorite?. Suddenly, the handsome Nam Joo-hyuk of Twenty-five twenty-one was commented on by the audience as having a face that is difficult to recognize.

Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-hyuk

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At the moment, Nam Joo-Hyuk is the handsome man receiving the most attention from the audience when playing the role of Baek Ye-Jin in a popular Drama Twenty-five twenty-one, his handsome face is said to be very suitable for the role of a reporter in the drama. Being in the center of Discussion let’s find out which character of Nam Joo Hyuk is popular now.

let’s find out which character of Nam Joo Hyuk is popular now


Twenty-Five Twenty One> as Baek Yi-Jin

Twenty-Five Twenty-One as Baek Yi-Jin

The Dazzling> as Lee Jun-ha

The Dazzling as Lee Jun-ha

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Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-Joo as Jung Jun-Hyung

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Startup Namdosan Station

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Bride of Habaek as Habaek

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Moon Lovers – Heart Ryeo as Baek Ah

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Who Are You – School 2015, as Han Ian

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Ansi Fortress Samul Station

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Cheese in the Trap as Kwon Eun-taek

<img class="wp-block-cover__image-background wp-image-13138" alt="

Health teacher Ahn Eun-young as Hong In-pyo

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Joseon as Young-Seok

The Surplus Princess as Big


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