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“Tomorrow” (2022 KDrama): Cast, Summary, Trailer & Release.

“Tomorrow” is a Kdrama based on a webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma, and follows the story of Choi Jun Woong and his job with the Special Crisis Management Team of the underworld.

The confirmed lead actors for this drama are SF9’s Ro WoonKim Hee SunLee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On.

Kim Hee Sun has appeared in the dramas “Alice”, “Room No. 9”, “Wonderful Days” and “Faith.”

SF9’s RoWoon debuted as an actor in 2016 in the drama “Click Your Heart” and later got his first lead role in the drama “Extraordinary You.” He has also appeared in the dramas “School 2017”, “About Time”, “Where Stars Land”, “She Would Never Know“, and “The King’s Affection.” He is one of the acting dols recognized for his good acting skills and he received various awards. 


Model and actor, Lee Soo Hyuk, has starred in the dramas “Born Again“, “Handmade Love”, “Sweet Stranger and Me”, “Lucky Romance”, “Local Hero”, “The Scholar Who Walks the Night“, and “Doom at Your Service.” Actor Yoon Ji On is known for works such as “Jirisan“, “You Are My Spring“, “Monthly Magazine Home“, “Memorist“, “Be Melodramatic“, “Mr. Sunshine” and more.
“Tomorrow” (2022 K-Drama)/ Information

Tomorrow Kdrama

• Title:  Tomorrow  / Naeil / 내일

• Director: Kim TaeYoon

• Writer: Park Ran, Kim Yoo Jin

• Network: MBC, Netflix

• Airs Date: Apr 1, 2022 – May 21, 2022

• Airs On: Friday, Saturday

• No. of Episodes: 16

• Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

• Language: Korean

“Tomorrow” KDrama / Summary

A drama about a jobseeker, Choi Jun Woong, who fell into a coma and ended up as a member of the Special Crisis Management Team of the underworld.

“Tomorrow” (2022 KDrama)/ Cast

Kim Hee Su

Kim Hee Sun as Gu Ryun

The charismatic Grim Reaper with a hidden past. She is head of the Crisis Management Team and leads Choi JunWoong and Lim RyungKu to save the lives of people who are considering suicide. Despite her cold-hearted image, she has a warmth that puts others’ lives first.


SF9’s RoWoon as Choi Jun Woong

A long-term jobseeker who goes into a coma because of a mistake, and is made to the Crisis Management Team. He becomes a half-human and a half-spirit and starts a job with the Special Crises Management Team as the youngest employee. He meets and helps people in a crisis with Grim Reaper, Gu Ryun. 

Soo Hyuk Tomorrow Kdrama

Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil 

Head of the Humanitarian Management Team at the spirit management headquarters. He exudes a coldness characterized by a poker face. He is a man who sticks strictly to his principles and often clashes with the head of the Crisis Management Team, Gu Ryun.

Tomorrow Kdrama

Yoon Ji On as Lim Ryung Ku

Lim RyungKu works with Gu Ryun, as a Deputy of the Special Crisis Management team of the underworld. A work-life balance keeper who observes closely his 8-hour working schedule.

“Tomorrow” (2022 KDrama) Trailer

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“Tomorrow” (2022 KDrama) Released Date

Tomorrow is expected to be release on Apr 1st, 2022



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