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Startup and Born Again Cast will work Together in a New tvN drama.

Jang Ki Yong

Our dear Won Injae of Startup and Jang Ki Yong of Born Again will work together in an upcoming drama Titled “Frightening Cohabitation” (Working Title). The tvN drama is based on Naver popular Webtoon.

Kang Han Na has been cast as Yang Hye Sun, a female gumiho who has an innocent heart despite her stunning good looks. (In traditional folktales, gumiho were usually beautiful women who seduced men to their deaths.)

She is Shin Woo Yeo’s friend and a former gumiho who achieved his dream of becoming a human. Although he seems perfect on the outside, he is
rather clumsy and naive.
Meanwhile, Jang Ki-Yong is playing the role of Shin Woo Yeo a 999-year-old male gumiho whose Lee Dam play by Lee Hye-RI accidentally swallows his marble, followed by Kim Do-won (playing Do Jae-jin), and Bae In-hyuk (playing Seon-woo), From experience, the cast will bring 2021 on their wings.

Until now, Kang Han-na has shown off her all-colour charm in various works, including the drama “Startup,” “60 Days, Designated Survivors” and “Familiar Wife.”


Expectations are high for her colourful performance, which she will be transformed into a goddess.
In the drama “Startup,” which recently ended, Kim Do-wan, who made his eyes full of warm charm and stable acting skills, played the role of Do Jae-jin, a pure-hearted man who takes out all he has when falling in love.

He is a man who is close to Lee Dam and has a warm face, physique, and personality, despite that he is unable to find true love. In particular, Kim Do-won is said to fall in love with Kang Han-na, a former Gumiho in the drama, raising expectations for his pure charm.
With our Strong Cast from Startup and Born Again which starts with Jang Ki-Yong and Lee Hye-RI, Kang Han-na, Kim Do-won, and Bae In-hyuk, The trendy actors who bring talent, visuals, and their unique appeal to their roles “Please look forward to their synergy that the crew creates together.
Meanwhile, The Drama is scheduled to air on tvN in the first half of 2021.
Check Kang Han-na And Kim Do-won in Startup



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