Ji Seung-wan of twenty-five twenty-one: All you Know?

Ji Seung-wan of twenty-five twenty-one: According to Ten Asia, without much experience in the profession, Lee Joo Myung is still highly appreciated for her acting ability when taking on the role of class president Ji Seung Wan in twenty-five twenty-one

According to statistics from Good Data Corporation, Twenty Five, Twenty One topped the chart of the most popular TV series for many consecutive weeks. Besides, the cast in the movie also continues to dominate the high rankings on the actor chart. In addition to Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae Ri, or Bona, the supporting actress Lee Joo Myung is currently the name that receives the attention of the audience. Female star Lee rose to 8th place in the top 10 most popular actors last week.


Lee Joo Myung is a South Korean actress and model managed by YG Entertainment. In 2016, she debuted as a model through Yang Da Il’s music video “Don’t Leave”. After that, the beauty of the Lee family was invited to participate in a series of MVs by famous artists such as Snow (Zion T), Summer Go Loco (LOCO)…

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Ji Seung-wan of twenty-five twenty-one

The face of YG’s beauty is commented to have many similarities with Jun Ji Hyun. Thanks to her attractive appearance and charisma, she is loved by many brands. In 2020, Lee Joo Myung was chosen as the face of Hince – a Korean makeup brand.

In 2019, Joo Myung debuted as an actor through her debut drama “My Fellow Citizens“. Since then, she has participated in several works such as Hospital Playlist, Missing: The Other Side, Kairos, and Check Out the Event.

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Ji Seung-wan of twenty-five twenty-one

However, the meager screen time makes most of her roles unable to attract attention. It was not until her supporting role in twenty-five twenty-one, that Lee was star born in 1993 had the opportunity to reveal her inherent ability.

In the drama, Lee Joo Myung plays Ji Seung Wan – a member of a close friend group including Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), Ko Yoo Rim (Bona), and Moon Ji Woong (Choi Hyun Wook). Although not as famous as the two best friends, Seung Wan impresses with her cold appearance and strong and decisive personality.

Ji Seung-wan

Seung Wan is the class president, always leading the school in academic achievement. However, she has a potential rebellious personality when she is close to Moon Ji Woong – a special student at the school. In the group of friends, Seung Wan is also the most mature in both appearance and thinking.

Ji Seung-wan of twenty-five twenty-one

According to Koreaboo, even though she only takes on a supporting role, without too much acting space, the actress still attracts attention in every scene she appears. Ten Asia commented that Lee Joo Myung subtly expressed Seung Wan’s complex psychological processes, from disappointment and helplessness to suffering and regret. The 29-year-old actress portrays a natural and realistic character image.

The performance in “twenty-five twenty-one” shows Lee Joo Myung’s outstanding acting potential and opens up many new opportunities for YG female stars as professional actresses.

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