Business proposal: Kim Min Gyu admits that he had to gain 15kg to play the role of secretary Cha

Business proposal Actor Kim Min Gyu shared his thoughts when playing the role of secretary Cha.

After 12 episodes aired, the drama “Business proposal” officially ended successfully to the audience’s regret. The journey from production to premiere has received a lot of attention from the audience, especially from the talented young actors.

Business proposal: Kim Min Gyu

Recently, in an interview with Xports News, actor Kim Min Gyu shared and expressed his gratitude to the audience for their interest and love for the drama Business proposal. In particular, netizens were extremely surprised to hear his words about the role of Cha Sung Hoon in this project.

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Accordingly, when asked about his skyrocketing popularity, Kim Min Gyu shared, ” I don’t feel very different, but my number of followers on SNS has increased by more than 1.5 million people after the film on-air“.

Business proposal: Kim Min Gyu

The actor also expressed his pride when referring to the image of secretary Cha Sung Hoon in the original webtoon and the character he portrayed, ” The character in the webtoon has a great body, so I have to pay attention to training. Both Kang Tae Moo and Cha Sung Hoon are perfect and charming men. I think I need to show that charm to the audience. Originally in the webtoon, there were not many scenes of Cha Sung Hoon doing sports but we decided to add them and show them in the most attractive way. I worked out very hard.”

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Business proposal

When asked about the most difficult part of filming, the actor shared, ” The hardest part is controlling the diet and exercising to create a body that matches the character Cha Sung Hoon in the webtoon. gained 15 kg because of this movie'”.

Previously, in an interview with female second lead Seo In Ah, she also revealed that both she and her co-star Kim Min Gyu had to work hard on diet and exercise to have an “adult” scene. ” pretty. That 18+ clip has indeed gone viral and shared a lot on social media, making it one of the best scenes from the drama.

Business proposal: Kim Min Gyu

Currently, the drama ” Business proposal” has ended successfully after 12 episodes. The name of the main cast – including Kim Min Gyu, has also reached much further.

Source: VKR News

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