Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2 Recap, Review, and Summary

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 2 Recap

Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap’ Kim Hee-sun and Rowoon succeeded in finding the ‘memory’ of victims of school violence who are on the brink of suicide.


Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2 Recap

The 2nd episode of “Tomorrow“, contains the struggles of Goo-Ryeon (Kim Hee-sun), team leader of the crisis management team, and Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon), a contract employee.
Ryeon and Jun-woong confirmed the past of being bullied by Kim Hye-won (Kim Chae-eun), the webtoon writer during their school days in Noh Eun-bi’s memory.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2

The webtoon ‘Boksooni’ was gaining popularity as a story of revenge on the perpetrators of school violence. Despite Ryeon’s warning not to interfere, Jun-woong unwittingly wrapped around Noh Eun-bi’s pitiful situation. As a result, the space in the memory started to crumble like shards of glass, and Ryeon and Jun-woong managed to escape just before being trapped in the memory, but Ryeon was angry at Jun-Woong’s sudden action which resulted in them losing their key.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2 Recap

Meanwhile, Noh Eun-bi’s melancholy level was rising day by day. However recalling her relationship with Noh Eun-bi during her school days, Kim Hye-won began to depress her again to stay still as she did back then. While Seeing this, Jun-woong offered her a helping hand, but already Noh-eun-bi was pessimistic about the reality from which she could not escape, like an endless tunnel, and opened her rooftop door, causing her regret.

Tomorrow Kdrama

At this time, Ryeon and Rung-gu (Yoon Ji-on) were waiting on the roof. Ryeon, who met No Eun-bi alone on the roof, started to invite her again, and No Eun-bi eventually climbed the railing precariously, making even the viewers nervous. However, she soon cried out that she wanted to live, vomiting out the wrath of numbness in her bones, making the viewers cry. However, No Eun-bi is terrified of the fact that Ryeon is a grim reaper and she is the one who saves her from falling. Fragments of her memories flew past her as she fell, and the image of Noh Eun-bi closing her eyes as if it was all over made her heart sink. At that moment, Ryeon showed off her grim reaper’s superpowers to land Eun-Bi safely, and then she said, “Don’t let anyone dare treat you like that,” giving her a devastating feeling.

After that, she shone with Junwoong’s warmth and brilliance. Jun-woong recalled her smiling memories as Noh Eun-bi saw Jung Jun-ha, who was playing an active role as manager Jung, and brought Jung Jun-ha, and No Eun-bi finally burst out her laughter, giving her a sense of relief. Moreover, Junwoong said, “Thank you. for holding up well I did not give up,” he said, hugging her and patting her, warmly warming the hearts of the viewers. As a result, No Eun-bi’s depression level reached 20%, and the first case with the crisis management team and Jun-woong was successfully completed.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2 Recap

Eventually, Ryeon gave a thrilling cider by inflicting severe punishment on all the perpetrators of the school violence who tormented Noh Eun-bi. In particular, after she strangled Kim Hye-won and pushed her against the wall, she was able to experience the pain that Noh Eun-bi felt in the past. Kim Hye-won begged for her life, but then she had already heard the news that she (Kim Hye-won) was the perpetrator of school violence. Moreover, Eun-Bi regained her smile, and the image of her confidently stepping forward toward her working place made even the viewers smile.


In the meantime, Goo-Ryeon caught attention when the past of her walking through an endlessly desolate tunnel in her plain clothes before she became a Grim Reaper was revealed. In particular, Emperor Jade (Kim Hae-sook), who appeared in front of Ryeon, said, “Instead of doing what you asked me to do on the day you first came here, go ahead and work at jumadeung., and in the distant future, someone you must rescue will appear. You must prevent his death.” she said, raising curiosity about the person Ryeon needs to save and his story. In addition, Ryun asked Ryong-gu, who left work after 8 hours of work, “Did you not find it today?”, raising curiosity about Rung-gu’s story, Above all, it contains the image of Ryeon, who declares that she will receive Jun-woong, whom everyone rejects, to the crisis management team, and expectations are high for Ryun, Junwoong, and Ryunggu, who showed perfect chemistry from the first incident, for their full-fledged action to save people.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 1 Rating

According to Nielsen Korea on April 3rd, episode 2 of “Tomorrow“, which aired on April 2nd, recorded an average rating of 3.4% based on households nationwide. This was significantly lower than the 7.6% recorded in the first broadcast. More than half of episode 1’s ratings vanished.


Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 2 Recap

Tomorrow’ evoked empathy with realistic episodes and firmly captured the eyes of viewers. In particular, the image of the crisis management team sympathizing with the stories of those who are in a situation where they have no choice but to choose death and punishing the perpetrators gave warm healing and excitement.

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