Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 3 Recap, Review, and Summary

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 3 Recap

Tomorrow Episode 3, Goo-Ryun (Kim Hee-sun) brought Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon) into her team as no one was willing to accept him. To Lim Rung-gu (Yoon Ji-on), who asks if she wants to hire anyone like Jun-woong, Go-Ryun said, “he don’t know the basics or abilities, so why did I accept him? did you want to know? Mr.Lim says yes, and she said that she will use him anyhow and smiled.

Choi Jun-woong, who arrived at the crisis management team office, was bewildered by the bloody atmosphere. To Jun-woong, who ridiculed his name, Ryung-goo Lim explained the code of conduct of Jumadeung grim reapers. Reapers may not dress or behave in a way that compromises dignity.

Choi Jun-woong, who took off his clothes, said that he would look cool when the costume was finished, and Gu-Ryun attacked, saying, “You look like a rag doll now.” Lim Rung-gu, who smile at Jun-woong, gave him the name Kim Woong-jun.


Choi Jun-woong, who received his employee ID card, was told that there was no Choi Jun-woong starting today. Returning to reality, Choi Jun-woong cautiously entered his house and sat down in front of his father’s ancestral tab. He said, “I wanted to do my father’s job well, but I ended up getting a job like this. Still, it’s a big company. There is probably no other company as large as this in Korea. Do not worry. I’m doing well and I’ll be back soon.”

At this time, when he heard the sound of his family opening the door, Choi Jun-woong took his shoes and quickly hid. Hiding in his room, worrying about his family, hearing their conversation, he burst into tears.

Choi Jun-woong, who came out of the house, sighed and checked the depression level of his friend Namgung Jae-Su (Ryu Seong-rok) when his phone rang. When Lim Rung-gu asked whether Choi Jun-woong would be excluded, Gu-Ryun said, “did You wonder if personal feelings will get in the way? Sometimes that helps. is not it? he then ask why isn’t Joon-woong coming? Where did you go?” he said.

Choi Jun-woong, who saw this, hurriedly ran away. While running Jun-woong recalled ignoring Namgung Jae-soo, who had been bullied by school children in the past, could not turn away and became friends with him.

Choi Jun-woong, who rushed to Namgung Jae-soo’s house, said, “It’s me, Jae-soo,” who didn’t recognize him. Lim Ryung-gu said that if Jun-woong met someone he knew, he would see a new face, and he smiled as he typed the uncle’s face.

Choi Jun-woong, who was reported to the police, was caught by the police. he, who had shared his identity on his deathbed, was upset when the police talked about his identity theft. At this time, Lim Rung-gu appeared and took out Jun-Woong’s ID from his arms. He quietly said to Choi Jun-woong, “Have you forgotten? they can’t recognize you,” he explained, and the two left the police station.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 3 Recap

Jun-woong is disturbed about his friend’s depression, while Gu-Ryun assured him, “Even if it’s not his friend, they will have to save Namgung Jae-soo.”  Jae-soo, who was in the third year of the police examination, failed the first round. At that, Choi Jun-woong was embarrassed that he always had the first car.  Jae-soo was not doing anything because of his depression, and Jun-woong said, “I think it would be chicken. he ate chicken with his father when he was little enough to be six. He always talked about it whenever he was having a hard time.”

Lim Rung-gu objected, saying there is no way to go back and there is no guarantee that eating chicken will make him better. In order to get Namgung Jae-soo to come out, Gu-Ryun and Lim Rung-gu transformed into religious people but failed. Jun-woong told Rung-gu to text Namgung Jae-soo with, “Failure means do it again. When Jae-soo asks who he is, Mr. Lim asks him to come out If he is curious. When there was no response, after Guryun’s words to open the door and bring him out, Jae-soo opened the door and started running somewhere.

The three hurried to follow him, but they missed him. In response, Jun-woong traced his location and, knowing that it was the hospital he was admitted to, he run there. However Jae-soo thought that the owner of the text was Choi Jun-woong, but he confirmed that he was lying down and said, “That’s right. You couldn’t have sent it,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Choi Jun-woong who was about to approach Jae-soo, begin to have short breaths and there was something wrong with Choi Jun-Woong’s body, who was lying in the hospital room. Park Jung-Gil (Lee Soo-hyuk) appeared in front of Choi Jun-woong, who was suffering from seizures and threw him away.

Meanwhile, Jun-woong was angry, Lim Rung-goo said, “You just died and came to life.” Park Joong-Gil said, “From a newcomer with no sense of duty to a team leader from hell. It doesn’t seem like a team that will last very long, did I worry about nothing?” he asked.

Gu-Ryun said, “No. You will have to keep worrying.” Park Joong-Gil looked at  Jae-soo and disappeared, saying, “We will send our team members in advance.”

However, Rung-gu explained to Jun-woong, as follows “Your memory will be erased randomly, you didn’t read the contrast”, saying that if you get close to the real body, you can’t read it. If that happens, you will not be able to return to your body.” Then Lim Rung-gu added, “In one word, you are going to die.”

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 3 Recap

Sitting at the same sport they seat when Jun-woong fail his interview, Jae-soo was wary of Choi Jun-woong, who appeared in front of him as Kim Woong-jun. At this time, when Choi Jun-woong put a straw in the beer and handed it to him, Jae-soo said, “Jun-woong. It’s like hell. Still, he lived with the hope that one day he would be cheered for,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Recalling memory Joon-woong Said, Despite his efforts, he fell out of the first round and said, “What did I do so wrong? Why did I live every day as if I am the only loser. Why!” he shouted. Choi Jun-woong, who listened to this silently, said, “I know. Everyone else is looking ahead, but I feel like I’m the only one who deviated from the path. I feel like I’m the only victim and I’m the only one standing still. But you’re the one who did it until you succeeded, You are not like this.”

Namgung Jae-soo, who barely survived, replied that he was barely holding and now Jun-woong was not around and that it was the limit at which he can hold. At Namgung’s misfortune, who was beating his chest and crying, Jun-woong said, “Don’t cry. Hey cry,” he comforted him, while doing this, Jae-soo said he wanted chicken and collapsed.

Hearing this, Choi Jun-woong told Gu-Ryun that he must get the chicken he ate when he was six years old. Lim-rung-gu said that there was no way to the past, and Gu-Ryun moved on, saying that she could take it away. Choi Jun-woong said he was his friend and asked that he go with her because he may be of help.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 3 Recap, Review, and Summary

Gu-Ryun, who visited Jade Hwang (Kim Hae-sook), said that she had come to rent her car. the Jade Emperor who forbade going to the past, said, is dangerous but Gu-Ryun insists that “she has to go. please allow I’m going to get chicken.” Jade Hwang, who was bewildered, said, “Chicken! That’s right, chicken, you should go I left the key with the secretary back, so please ask for it.”

After receiving the key, Gu-Ryun disappoints Choi Joon-woong by getting on the old car among the luxury cars. Jun-woong, who returned to six yearsJae-soo’s, was curious and guided Gu-Ryun along the way.

Meanwhile, the young Jae-soo had to drop out of his kindergarten due to the difficult economic situation. Jae-Su was crying because he wants to go to school, and his father told him to eat chicken for his birthday, which made him smile. Namgung Jae-soo’s father, who sold socks, was a way to send his resume. Choi Jun-woong approached Namgung Jae-soo, who guards the truck, and tried to find out information about the chicken, but was stopped by Gu-Ryun.

Jae-soo’s father, who has a hard time finding a job, was embarrassed by the nurse’s words that it would be difficult if he couldn’t pay his wife’s hospital bills in full within this month. In addition, Jae-soo’s father was forced to vacate the house because he could not pay the house rent even in the middle of the rain. Amid the deteriorating circumstances, Jae-soo’s depression index soared, in the present time and when he opened his eyes, he started walking somewhere.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 3 rating

However in the Past Choi Jun-woong, who saw how Jae-soo’s Father is depressed, said, “He said he was definitely happy,” and Gu-Ryun said, “Human memory is selective. Keep the good memories and throw away the bad ones. Wrapping up the past in the name of memories, because That’s how we can live.”

Choi Jun-woong got out of the car saying he would come back and heard Jae-soo’s father telling his son that he love him and will buy him the fried chicken, hearing Jun-woong tell Gu-Ryun and she follows him.

At a present time Iim Ryung-gu, who was watching Jae-Soo keep following him, while Jae-Soo jumped into the driveway, Mr.Lim said, “Are you crazy? Let’s talk. The chicken you ate when you were the happiest is coming soon. So please don’t think stupid.”

To this, Jae-soo mumbled, “I can understand the look in my father’s eyes on my birthday day.” In the past, Jae-soo’s father ran down the road to kill himself to enable his family to get life insurance. Gu-Ryun noticed this and stopped in front of Jae-soo’s father’s car. Jae-soo’s father, who discovered this, quickly turned the steering wheel of his car and was in danger of colliding with another car. Meanwhile, You Read Drama Recap anytime here.


Tomorrow Kdrama Rating,” which airs on 8th April, trailed close behind with an average nationwide rating of 5.4 percent for its third episode. While the figure marked a substantial increase in viewership from the drama’s second episode last Saturday, it fell short of the record-breaking ratings achieved by last Friday’s premiere.


Viewers were surprised by Choi Jun-Woong’s unexpected crisis. “The relationship between Park Joong-Gil and Choi Jun-woong is interesting”, Tomorrow is about an underworld office where the grim reapers who guided ‘the dead’ now save ‘those who want to die’ human fantasy. Ran Park, who has written various sitcoms based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by writer Rama, one of the most popular webtoons in life, and rookie writers Park Ja-Kyung and Kim Yu-jin will take on the role of writing, adding a new charm.


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