Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap, Review, and Summary

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap A crisis management team led by Kim Hee-sun, Jade Hwang, and Jung-Gil of the Grim Reaper Team participated in the guidance of the Korean War veterans.  After the Goo-Ryun team prevents the 91-year-old man from committing suicide.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

In the 6 episodes of ‘Tomorrow’, which was broadcast on April 16, Goo-Ryun (Kim Hee-sun) was called by Ok-Hwang (Kim Hae-sook). Jade Hwang told Goo-Ryun, “I think you will have to go out with the Grim Reaper team tomorrow.” Goo-Ryun had to prevent the death of Lee Young-Cheol (Jeon Moo-song), a 91-year-old man who was about to commit suicide. However, this old man also had one day left to live.

Jade said, “People want to avoid death as they get older. But why did this person have the last decision of his life to be suicide?” Goo-Ryun replied, “I think there must have been a wound that he couldn’t overcome for a long time.”

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

Guryun had to step forward to prevent the suicide of the old man as the Jade Emperor requested. As she inform her team Lim Ryung-gu (Yoon Ji-on) said, “The problem is that the time is one day.” Goo-Ryun led the crisis management team to rescue the old man.
Meanwhile, they arrive at Young-Cheon’s house the team decided to clean the house and send Choi Jun-Woon to buy the cleaning equipment, on his way back he meets Lee Young-Cheon who was these by a mother and her daughter when Jun-Woon offers to help the old man he suddenly released that it’s Young-Cheon and he escorts him to his house where his team member is waiting. On their way, Jun-Woon fights the thugs that were harassing the old man. Unfond reaching home Goo-Ryun revealed that she was a grim reaper and said, “We came to save you.” When Lee Young-Cheon answered this, Goo-Ryun said, “you were preparing yourself to commit suicide and You only have one day left to live, we are here to help, If there is anything you want, we can do anything.”
Lee Young-Cheon said, “I heard the news of a neighbor’s death of loneliness a few weeks ago. I thought a lot about whether it would be the same for me. Young then got up from his seat to pick up the waste paper, and the crisis management team followed him.
After collecting the trash Yeong Cheon gave the last warm greeting to the owner of the junkyard he was close with.


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Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

Meanwhile, the past of Lee Young-Cheon, a veteran of the Korean War, was drawn. Lee Young-Chun recalled, “I keep regretting the choice I made that day. If I had known that my life would be this difficult,” he recalled. In 1950, Sgt. Lee Young-Cheon at that time remembered his comrade, who was the only one in the middle of the battlefield that whom he had a close relationship.

At the time, Lee Young-Cheon saved a colleague who lost his leg in a cannonball war, but the colleague complained, “It’s because of you. Why did you save me?” He also said that he returned home, but did not see his mother who was waiting for him. Lee Young-Cheon confessed bitterly, “Why did I go to war?”

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

However, Choi Jun-woong was curious about Lee Young-Cheon’s life after the war asks again. Lee You are ng-Cheon said, “It was not easy to return to daily life, They all return home, eat food while Young-Cheon recalls his life after War which was never Normal he went the stairs of the house and seat.
Meanwhile, Goo-Ryun showed the night view of Seoul to him, who evaluates himself as a ‘meaningless and shabby life’. Goo-Ryun moved Lee Young-Cheon, saying, “The world could not exist without your choice. Your life is never shabby or insignificant. Keep it in your eyes. It’s a country you’ve been protecting” and Youn-Cheon is grateful and he feels proud of himself again. Therefore Choi Jun-Woon was able to find Dong-Chil who lost one of his legs during the 90s war. Young-Cheon was to that his friend who he save his life was living a wonderful life with his family and he’s grateful to him. Moreover, Goo-Ryun asked Park Joong-Gil (Lee Soo-hook), the leader of the Grim Reaper Management team, to guide Young-Cheon soul himself directly with the respect he deserves, and later asked Jade Hwang, “Please make his last moment comfortable.  Jade Hwang replied, “It is not up to me to judge life. Lee Young-Cheon’s life will be judged fairly.” Goo-Ryun says, “Why does it sound to me like we aren’t doing what we can do?”

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

As Lee Young-Chen’s life was approaching, Park Joong-Gil came to his house, and Joong-Gil said, “I want to pay my tribute to your courage for your country. Instead, we will all be together for your last moment.” In addition to other messengers, Jade Hwang also accompanied Lee Young-Cheon, and she comforted him by saying, “He worked hard to live a hard life


the past life of Goo-ryun (Kim Hee-sun), the leader of the crisis management team, was revealed. Gu-ryun (Kal So-won) from her previous life asked Jeong-in, “How do you look like that? Do you not want to marry me?” Jeong replied, “No. I regret my last choice. I’ll be wandering around the borders for the rest of my life as a military commander, so how can I leave it?” Guryun smiled, saying, “I fell for that cause


According to Nelson Korean MBC’s drama “Tomorrow” scored an average rating of 2.7 percent in the same time slot as ” Again My Life”.


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