Again My Life Episode 3 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life Episode 3 Recap Lee Joon-gi joins the law department secret club while Lee Kyung-young is aiming for Lee Soon-Jae. Hence Kim Hee-Woo Reunited with the grim reaper.

Again My Life Episode 3 Recap

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Hee-woo was reunited with Dr. K (Hyun Woo-sung). Dr. K greeted Kim Hee-woo by saying, “Hello,” and Kim Hee-woo swung his fist at him saying “I can’t do that.” However, even though Kim Hee-woo swung his fist several times, Doctor K did not budge. Dr. K started a counterattack on Kim Hee-woo, mercilessly assaulted him, and then dropped him down the overpass. In the moment of crisis of falling down the overpass and about to be in a car accident, Kim Hee-woo woke up and soon realized that meeting with Dr. K was a dream.

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-woo started studying auctions to get back the house of Gyu-Ri (Bira Hong), which was going to be auctioned off. Hee-woo, who faced the ‘master of Auction’ Woo Yong-soo at the courthouse, found out that all the villas he received were underground and that they were investments in the area expected to be redeveloped. To Hee-woo, who explicitly stated his goal, “I want to make money,” and asked him to pass on the secret, Yong-Su warned, by explaining to Kim Hee-woo, “you know what the end of real estate is? It’s greed.

Again My Life Episode 3 Recap

Then did you know what the price of greed is? That’s loss of character.” At this time, Kim Hee-woo remembered the words of the Grim Reaper (Cha Joo-young) who said to him, “You can’t catch a demon except you become one.” However, Kim Hee-woo did not give up easily. In the end, Woo Yong-soo gave Kim Hee-woo a chance by taking a test, and Kim Hee-woo succeeded in this and became Woo Yong-soo’s colleague. With Yong-Soo Teaching Hee-Woo was able to win Kim Gyu-Ri’s house that was action, hence he shows his appreciation to Woo Young-Soo. Meanwhile, Yong-Soo instructed Hee-woo to try the light-do himself.

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

In other words, to exercise your rights by evicting the person living in the house. Most of them were the poor and needy people, and Hee-woo proceeded with the best of light for them within the law and justice. Hee-woo felt sorry for them when they visit a single mother and her daughter, but Yong-Soo said, “I have the right to win the bid, and I have never received a deposit, but I have to pay the utility bills and moving expenses. All you have to do is throw away your emotions and pursue profits. If you send a favor, the other person may grab your hair to survive. On this day, it was revealed that Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-Kyung) was the illegitimate child of Kim Seok-hoon (Choi Kwang-il\). Kim Han-mi said that she took her tutoring from Kim Hee-woo and she began to study hard. Upon hearing that his daughter Hanmi had put her heart and devoted herself to her studies, Seok hoon called her and handed her tuition money. Then he said, “Are you sure you don’t get along with the thugs? Be special daughter Don’t paint your parents’ faces in the future.” Kim Han-mi, who was taking the money, was told by her half-siblings that she was “like a parasite”, and she was upset and called herself a disgrace who was trained to skin animals.

Again My Life Episode 2

Their father who overhead their conversation slap her and ask to apologize to her sibling, Han-Mi who was angry called Kim Hee-woo to the bar, where she confessed that she was Kim Seok-hoon’s illegitimate child Consequently, To Woo Yong-soo, who is worth 200 billion won, became the target of Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young). Promotion of redevelopment in areas with large amounts of real estate for rainwater. At that time, Hee-woo received an offer to join the student council by Choi Kang-jin (Kim Jin-woo), and Jang Il-Hyeon (Kim Hyung-muk) said, “We decided to accept you as a member of the secret club.” More than that,” he explained. The secret club of the law department was a form of reserving seats by attracting and pushing each other through the strong bond of seniors and juniors. Hyun said, “The Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court are from the clubs. A competent senior sits in a key position and passes it on to his juniors, and the juniors just need to check that others do not attack.” Hee-woo, who was flirting with his seniors, found out by chance that DH Money, Jo Tae-seop’s money management plan, was pushing for redevelopment in the area where Woo Yong-sun’s real estate was concentrated and was trying to get rid of him. In the past, before Hee-woo lived a second life, Woo Yong-su committed suicide pessimistically after bankruptcy.

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

Hee-woo recalled this and tell Young-Soo to, “Dispose of the real estate as soon as possible to protect himself.” Jo Tae-seop’s side plans to buy the property at a low price if the real estate is sold at auction because they can’t pay the interest on the Bando Bank loan to destroy Woo Yong-soo and occupy the house. If that happens, the master of auctioneers will go bankrupt. Hee-woo said, “Behind the DH money, the politicians are looking after them,” and meticulously advised, “They will keep an eye on the asset movement, so do it all at once when you transfer the registration.” You, who protected his fortune thanks to Heewoo, handed over the bankbook and said, “It is the money that you saved and is at care. It was like the will of heaven that we meet, and you help me protect my money.” Meanwhile, Hee-woo, who attended the invited lecture by Jo Tae-seop, met the Grim Reaper (Cha Joo-young) again and remembered the words, “If you get closer to Jo Tae-seop, we might meet me again.

Again My Life Episode 2


At the end of the play, Kim Hee-woo, who went to listen to Jo Tae-seop’s special lecture, was reunited with the Grim Reaper, drawing attention to the next episode.


On April 15, “Again My Life” achieved its highest viewership ratings yet for its third episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the Drama jumped to an average nationwide rating of 8.1 percent last night, taking first place in its time slot across all channels and setting a new personal record. “Again My Life” also saw its viewership rise among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it earned an average rating of 3.3 percent.

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