Again My Life Episode 4 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life Episode 4 Recap Lee Kyung-young avoids Lee Joon-gi’s obstruction by cutting his tail

Again My Life Episode 4 Recap

In ‘Again My Life’, Lee Joon-gi started to disturb Lee Kyung-young. In the 4th episode of ‘Again My Life’, which was broadcast on the 16th, Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young) showed the figure while Kim Hee-woo (Lee Jun-gi) tried to beat the people in the line. On this day’s broadcast, Kim Hee-woo and Kim Gyu-RI went to listen to a lecture by Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young) Tae-seop took the podium as a guest lecturer from Hankuk University. Jo Tae-seop concealed his true self and performed cleverly while receiving cheers from Korean University students with his easygoing and friendly image. Jo Tae-seop said, “Everyone has the right to dream. What would you do if you had the freedom and right to dream? Opportunities must be given equally. Diverse voices should have equal power. Only then can dragons fly in the stream. The future belongs to those who dream,” and cheered the young people, and Kim Hee-woo, who knows the true face of Jo Tae-seop, was absurd while listening to such a lecture And then he got even more excited. Hence, Hee-woo could not hide his surprise when he saw the grim reaper who he meets in his previous life standing next to Jo Tae-seop.

Again My Life Episode 4 Recap

Kim Hee-woo remembered the words of the grim reaper before his return, where she said, “If he gets close to Jo Tae-seop, he might be able to meet her, and the stories of asking him to show him hell. And Kim Hee-woo saw Jo Tae-seop’s pretentious behavior and thought that it would not be easy to destroy him. Nevertheless, Kim Hee-woo cautiously appeared in front of the Grim Reaper. He then says, “Thank you. I will keep my promise.” Then the Grim Reaper replied, “Yes, please.” The grim reaper next to Jo Tae-seop under the name of Han Ji-Hyeon. In response, Kim Hee-woo recalled his previous life, saying, “I know Jo Tae-seop will not keep anyone next to him.” What is their relationship And he said, “But I don’t know if she died before me.” Afterward, Kim Hee-woo was fighting a mysterious man following Kim Hee-ah, and only after hearing the name ‘Mrs. Kim’ from him did he remember Kim Hee-ah’s identity.

Again My Life Episode 4 Recap
Again My Life Episode 4 Recap

She was the only daughter of Cheonha Telecom Chairman Kim Gun-young (Jeon Kook-hwan). Kim Hee-woo thought, ‘Is this another coincidence?’, but he recalled the dislike that Kim Hee-ah had for Jo Tae-seop, and thought, ‘If my eyes were right, Kim Hee-ah, she can be on my side.’ Kim Hee-ah showed a liking for Kim Hee-woo. Hee-ah said that Hee-woo was like a bodyguard to her father, Kim Geon-young, and said, “The more I see it, the more interesting it is. How did he manage to exercise while studying and get this better?” Kim Gun-young said, “Then I’ll have to ask that friend to hold my daughter back.”

Again My Life Episode 4 Review

Meanwhile, Hee-woo met Moon Seong-hwan (Kim Do-Kyung), a medical school classmate of Lee Min-soo (Jung Sang-hoon). Moon Seong-hwan, a developer of HahaTalk, was a person who was on the path of decline from a successful young entrepreneur due to a lawsuit with Jeil Telecom. Moon Seong-hwan, who applied for the Chunha Telecom youth project contest, was an outstanding applicant with a groundbreaking idea. However, Cho Tae-seop’s subordinate, President Kim Chan-il, planned to transfer the technology to Jeil Telecom, and strongly requested Sung-hwan to share the development process as a condition of investment. Hearing Hee-Woo’s advice, Sung-Hwan rejected President Kim’s proposal by saying “I’ll think about it”, and Hee-Woo and Min-Soo rushed to apply for a patent. Hee-woo threw the case at Il-Hyeon Jang (played by Kim Hyeon-mook), who grumbled that he has no big cases,” and decided to invest with the money that Yong-su Woo (played by Soon-Jae Lee) gave him.

Again My Life Episode 4
Again My Life kdrama

In a situation where things didn’t go as planned, Jo Tae-seop hardened his expression, “Who is interfering?” Chairman Geon-Young Kim moved one step quickly and made an investment proposal to Seong-Hwan Moon, and it was successful. Previously, Hee-woo showed Hee-ah Haha Talk project and tells all that happens, he said, “he (the developer) had personal contact with President Kim Chan-il.” Then Hee-woo was troubled, saying, “Is fate not changed?” After Chunha invests in haha talk. Previously, Geon-Young and Tae-Seop had been at odds with the acquisition of Future Cars with a debt of 1 trillion won, but their relationship was restored when they promised to take over the Future Car on the condition that the Haha Talk project is in the hands of China Telecom. Jo Tae-seop made Kim Chan-il commit suicide and cut off his tail, and the case was closed with no right of prosecution. Moon Seong-hwan who was happy said, “Hee-Woo was like a fortune-teller” because he believed in Him. Chan-il Kim’s actions and advice to change residence seemed to fit perfectly. In addition, Seong-hwan said, “The idea of ​​HahaTalk is Minsu’s suggestion.” Another thing, Seong hwan showed him a text message he had received. “Beware of President Kim Chan-il,” the sender said, “Pluto.” ‘Pluto’ is a different name for Hades, the god of the underworld, and it turned out to be Han Ji-Hyeon.

Again My Life Episode 4


Fighting with the Evil, I was surprised to find out that Hee-ah was the daughter of Jo Tae-seop’s close man (Lee Kyung-young), the chairman of Cheonha Group, a slush fund warehouse. Hee-woo and Tae-seop’s closest aide, daughter Kim Hee-ah of Cheonha Group, risked their first life to punish Jo Tae-seop for absolute evil. In particular, Kim Hee-ah has a special affinity for Kim Hee-woo, so attention is focused on what kind of impact the changing relationship between the two will have in the future. In the meantime, Kim Hee-woo gave a reversal to the end by controlling Jo Tae-seop with a play that shook the board without hesitation. Do tune in to” Again My Life”? What do you think about this episode, voice out your thoughts in the comments section below?


However, according to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company, the 4th episode of ‘Again My Life’, recorded 7.0% for households in the metropolitan area, 7.0% for households nationwide, and the highest rating of 9.8% at the moment.

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