Again My Life Episode 5 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life episode 5 Recap: Hunting down the notorious gangster, Lee Joon Gi was slapped by his superiors. Having just met Lee Joon Gi, the chief prosecutor gave him a painful slap in the face without knowing why he was beaten in episode 5 of ‘Again My Life’.

Again My Life episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of episode 5 Again My Life, the creditor murder case shocked the Korean media. On the day of the re-enactment of the case, the person the police believed to be the killer and the victim’s creditor cried helplessly and repeatedly explained that he did not kill the victim. Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) accidentally saw this case, according to his memory, it was not until 10 years later that this case was vindicated and the person who provided evidence against the perpetrator was none other than Park Sang Man (Ji Chan) – the son of the wrong policeman. Knowing the crux of the case, Hee Woo sought out Sang Man to comfort him and wished that he would continue to attend school normally.

Again My Life episode 5 Recap
Again My Life episode 5 Recap

Meanwhile, Hee Woo went to senior prosecutor Jang Il Hyeon to ask him to handle this case. He brought the evidence that the shirt that Sang Man’s father wore that day to the victim’s house, those that if it was the killer, the shirt must have blood on it, but it was very clean and did not have any substance on it, or any sign of cleaning. Moreover, he also ‘keys’ that most likely the killer is the victim,’s wife. Under the data, Hee Woo provided, by professional means, Jang Il Hyeon found clues from the wife’s mistress and found the ultimate culprit. As it turned out, the wife had wanted to kill her husband for a long time because he was selfish, brute force, taking the opportunity Sang Man’s father took a knife to collect his debt, she used that knife to kill him and disguised her alibi. In the end, Sang Man’s father was cleared of the crime.

While having fun with what he could do, Hee-Woo’s parents sadly gave him the summons to join the army. Contrary to the shocked attitude of parents and friends, Hee Woo feels comfortable with this. The day he enlisted in the army was also the day that Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun) went to study abroad. Before leaving, Hee Ah took the initiative to take her classmate’s arm and say goodbye to him. 7 years have passed, and Hee Woo is now the valedictorian of the Law Faculty, but instead of choosing to stay in Seoul to work, he applied to the prosecutor’s office in Kangwon Province.

Again My Life episode 5 Recap
Again My Life episode 5 Review

Right from the moment, he met the chief prosecutor Jin Seok Gyu (Kim Chul Ki), he made it clear that he came here because he wanted to help the chief prosecutor return to Seoul. Because he knows well, in the past he was demoted to this remote place because of offending his superiors, most of all quarreled with whom he quarreled was Cho Tae Seob, Kyung Young) henchman.

Again My Life episode 5 Review

The fastest way to bring a prosecutor from the local area to Seoul is to make a sensational case. First, Hee Woo went to real estate tycoon Woo Yong Soo (Lee Soon Jae) to bring his junior Sang Man – whom he sent him to learn before going to the army. Sang Man has graduated in computer assistance and this is the assistance the prosecutor needs. After that, Hee Woo took money to infiltrate the disguised gambling place of the gang boss. Here, with his intelligence, he figured out the house’s money-making trick, and at the same time, he also shook hands with the girl who dealt the cards to him to get information about the casino. The next day, Hee Woo and Sang Man went to the casino to round all of them. Thanks to proper martial arts training, the prosecutor quickly defeated all the bullies at the casino and captured another martial artist – Lee Hyun Seok (Choi Min), who, according to his memory, will become a martial artist excellent person.

Again My Life episode 5 Review
Again My Life episode 5

While rejoicing with his achievements, the chief prosecutor Jin Seok Gyu arrived. Thinking he would encourage his subordinates, but he did not, Hee Woo was immediately slapped in the face by the chief prosecutor. This action caused Hee Woo about back and be confused about the actions of his superiors. Let’s watch the next episodes of Again My Life, it’s broadcast every Friday and Saturday night, What did you think about this episode? voice out your thoughts in the comments section below.

Again My Life lee joon gi


I like the story and plot very interesting drama for drama lovers the main character is the best to watch. The drama. hooked me right away that is I decide to write Recaps. Lee Joon Gi in real life has 3 black belts and the fight scenes are top-notch. This drama is one of the best creations of the South Korean action drama in recent times. actor Lee Joon Gi acting is full of action, thrilling, fantastic, and heartwarming skills.


According to Nielsen Korea on April 23rd, episode 5 of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “Again My Life” recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.7%, an all-time high since its first broadcast. This also marks an impressive increase of 2.7% compared to episode 4 aired on April 15th.

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