10 hottest Korean actors in April 2022: Lee Sung Kyung out top, Lee Kwang Soo appeared for the first time

Kim Ji Won, Lee Joon Gi,… are successful actors holding high positions on this week’s charts

Recently, Good Data company announced the popularity ranking of actors participating in dramas airing in Korea in the 4th week of April 2022.

My liberation Note duo successfully took the top spot. Son Seok Gu and Kim Ji Won impressed viewers when delivering the gentle and lovely love story of introverts in this work. In particular, the duo’s natural acting was highly appreciated as soon as the drama aired.

Korean actors in April 2022
Korean actors in April 2022

It’s a pity that Lee Joon Gi only holds 3rd place while in the previous week, the first place was taken by the actor. However, his comeback with “Again My life” is considered to be relatively successful. 


Lee Joon gi

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Noh Yoon Seo had a spectacular comeback when this week, she registered herself in 4th place, surpassing many famous names. The actress took on a supporting role in Our Blues. She made an impression on viewers when she transformed into a personality, intelligent class president but suffered from teenage pregnancy. 

With emotional acting, rookie Noh Yoon Seo promises to have a breakthrough in her acting career in the future. Besides the supporting female, other faces in Our Blues were also named on the chart including Choi Young Joon, Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun.

Korean actors in April 2022

Top 10 hottest Korean actors for the week of April 4, 2022:

1. Son Seok Gu (My Liberation Notes)

2. Kim Ji Won (My Liberation Notes)

3. Lee Joon Gi (Again My Life)

4. Noh Yoon Seo (Our Blues)

5. Choi Young Joon (Our Blues)

6. Shin Min Ah (Our Blues)

7. Lee Kwang Soo (The Killer’s Shopping List)

8. Ahn Bo Hyun (Military Prosecutor Doberman)

9. Lee Yo Won (Green Mothers’ Club)

10. Lee Byung Hun (Our Blues)

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