Again My Life Episode 10 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life‘ episode 10 Recap: Hee-Woo’s Crush said goodbye to entering the war of ‘brother and sister’. Again My Life’ continues to bring tense details as Hee-A has started to participate in the family business after her father became seriously ill.

Again My Life Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 Again My Life brings the audience to the “brain tense” details of the fight between the righteous prosecutor Kim Hee Woo ( Lee Joon Gi ) and the fake congressman, the conspiracy model Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young).

At the referendum meeting to appoint the Minister of Justice, Member of Parliament Hwang Jin Yong (Hwang Jin Yong) suddenly announced a list of people in the National Assembly who violated the law on charges of evading military service, drugs, and illegal drugs. prostitution. This list immediately caused all the officials to be confused, and even quarrel.

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Although the people around asked to turn off the camera and also wanted Congressman Hwang to stop, all of them were broadcast and the names on the list were read out before the broadcast.

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This incident quickly caused those involved to beg for Jo Tae Seob’s help. Among them is Choi Kang Jin, who is a prosecutor but he takes advantage of that to bring girls for officials. In order for Jo Tae Seob to help, he brought a gift, and at the same time listened to the congressman who gave his father to ‘die’ for himself.

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Soon after, Jo Tae Seob gave an order to the central prosecutor’s office, with chief prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang Il) to handle the case. However, when the list reached Hee Woo, the key names were omitted. And Choi Kang Jin, despite having an arrest warrant for investigation, was released soon after.

The gift that Choi Kang Jin brought to Jo Tae Seob was a hot scene video of the whole Cheongha group – the brother of Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun). He knows that Jo Tae Seob is trying to bribe the whole Cheangha Group to easily manage this corporation.

Again My Life Episode 10 Recap

However, Jo Tae Seob’s side contacted several times to make an appointment, but they were refused. Therefore, he released a hot scene video that pushed Kim Hee Ah’s brother into the media. Finally, he went to Jo Tae Seob and asked for help, in return he would be able to shake hands with him in running the corporation.

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Realizing that the eldest son is a person with a short-term vision, the youngest son only knows how to ‘remove his hair’ all day, the chairman of Cheangha Group, despite being seriously ill but still struggling to work, asked him to ask his son. girl Kim Hee Ah took over the position of planning director, even though she didn’t want to get involved in the family business because she didn’t want her brothers to fight.

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But in the end, because of the big picture, she accepted and because of that, Hee Ah made an appointment with Hee Woo – the person she secretly liked for many years to meet. She said goodbye to Hee Woo, but actually parted with her former self to enter a new war. Before that, Hee Woo fulfilled Hee Ah’s wish to buy her a teddy bear as a parting gift.

Again My Life Episode 10 Recap

What will she have to do to fight her brother when the person standing behind supporting him is congressman Jo Tae Seob? Let’s watch the next episodes of Again My Life, every Friday and Saturday.


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