10 hottest Korean actors in May 2022: Shin Min Ah is still at the top despite being criticized in Our Blues

10 hottest Korean actors in May 2022: Shin Min Ah, Kim Ji Won, and many more actors have been named in this week’s ranking

The duo Son Seok Gu and Kim Ji Won are the two actors holding the highest positions on the chart. 

10 hottest Korean actors in May 2022

The duo’s good collaboration in My liberation Note” makes viewers extremely excited. In this drama, the two played a couple. What the two characters have in common is that they both crave love and are both introverts. 

10 hottest Korean actors in May 2022

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After many weeks of sliding on the charts, Lee Joon Gi finally regained his form this week when he won 3rd place. With the work “Again My Life“, the actor received many compliments. praising his ingenious acting and handsome visuals. It can be said that this comeback of the male actor received more success than expected.

Shin Min Ah still made it to the top 6 after being caught up in criticism surrounding her character in Our Blues. Many viewers believe that the actress’ character in this film is promoting promiscuous sex. In addition to the role of Shin Min Ah, many other contents in Our Blues have made netizens angry when they mentioned many sensitive issues.

The week of May 2 recorded the presence of the duo Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae. This is the rare time that the audience encounters the main couple Shooting Stars appearing on the list. Although the film did not receive the expected rating, the loveliness and cuteness of the two characters received great attention from viewers.

10 hottest Korean actors in May 2022

Top 10 hottest Korean actors for the week of May 2, 2022:

1. Son Seok Gu (My Liberation Notes)

2. Kim Ji Won (My Liberation Notes)

3. Lee Joon Gi (Again My Life)

4. Lee Joon (Bloody Heart)

5. Kang Han Na (Bloody Heart)

6. Shin Min Ah (Our Blues)

7. Lee Byung Hun (Our Blues)

8. Han Ji Min (Our Blues)

9. Lee Sung Kyung (Shooting Stars)

10. Kim Young Dae (Shooting Stars)



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