Can We Guess which character are you In “Tomorrow”?

Which Character are you in “Tomorrow”? a Kdrama based on a webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma, and follows the story of Choi Jun Woong and his job with the Special Crisis Management Team of the underworld.

Which Character are you in “Tomorrow

MBC’s “Tomorrow” has come to an end!

On May 21, the fantasy drama starring SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hee Sun enjoyed a slight rise in viewership for its series finale. According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Tomorrow” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.8 percent.

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Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 3 Preview


RoWoon as Choi Jun Woong
Are you A long-term jobseeker? Just like Choi Jun Woong who becomes a half-human and a half-spirit and starts a job with the Special Crises Management Team as the youngest employee.

‘Kim Hee Su’

Kim Hee Sun as Gu Ryun
The charismatic Grim Reaper with a hidden past. She is head of the Crisis Management Team and leads Choi JunWoong and Lim Ryung Gu to save the lives of people who are considering suicide.


Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil 
Head of the Humanitarian Management Team at the spirit management headquarters. He exudes a coldness characterized by a poker face. He is a man who sticks strictly to his principles and often clashes with the head of the Crisis Management Team, Gu Ryun.

‘Yoon Ji On’

Yoon Ji On as Lim Ryung Gu
Lim Ryung Gu works with Gu Ryun, as a Deputy of the Special Crisis Management team of the underworld. A work-life balance keeper who observes closely his 8-hour working schedule.

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