Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min, 1st teaser shows the chemistry between them

A teaser video containing the heart of Jung So-min, who is aiming for Lee Jae-Wook’s life, has been released.

On the 23rd, tvN’s new Saturday drama ‘Alchemy of soul‘ released the first teaser video featuring Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min Reunion.

“Alchemy of the soul” is a fantasy romance drama in which the protagonists whose fate is twisted due to the ‘remembrance of the soul’ that change their souls overcome this and grow in the background of a great country that does not exist in history or on the map. In the drama, Lee Jae-wook takes on the role of Jang-wook, a noble but badass master of the Jang clan of the great country, and Jeong So-min takes on the role of Moo-deok-i, a weakling in the world who has the soul of the world’s greatest murderer. Jang-wook, while resolving his life’s dissatisfaction with the bone, finds himself on the road to fate due to the secret of Moo-deok-i, which he discovers on the ice.

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Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min

The released video opens the door to a ‘reunion’ with the strong force of Nak-soo (Go Yun-jeong), the best killer in the world. The charisma of ‘Falling Water’, the world’s best selling water, with the name “Falling water because your neck falls off wherever you pass” catches the eye. I’m curious as to why the soul of Salsa, who has neither blood nor tears, was bound to the body of the weakest servant in the world, Moo Deok-i.

At the same time, Jang-wook and Moo-deok rob their eyes of the chemistry between the master and his servant. Jang-wook bites the table set by Moo-deok-i, saying “don’t eat it” along with the side dish, and prepares the bath water again saying “it’s too hot” to Moo-deok-i who is waiting for the bath, and calls his name all the time, calling out his bones. It radiates the presence of a noble but poor master, such as beaking.

In particular, the cute appearance of Moo-Duk, who quenches his boiling anger as she watches Master Jang-wook, who commands, “Can’t you open your eyes like that?

However, the master had a bloody heart that she couldn’t even imagine, so she was aiming for her life with a lively smile towards Jang-wook, saying, “If I find my energy, I’ll kill that guy first.”

There is a growing curiosity about how the relationship between the noble but rogue master master Jang-wook and the weakling of the world, where the soul of the world’s greatest murderer resides, will change in the future, and whether the falling-su, who is trapped in his body, will be able to regain his strength and take revenge safely.

Meanwhile, ‘alchemy of the soul’ is a 20-episode first broadcast on the 18th of June at 9:10 pm.

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