Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time: Hyun Bin was “smashed” by Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki

The top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, and Song Joong Ki are the most handsome actors of all time according to the audience’s votes.

Recently, the KingChoice website opened a poll with the topic “The most handsome Korean actor of all time”. After weeks of voting, the top 20 most handsome Korean actors in Kbiz, selected by the audience, were officially revealed.

The first place belongs to Lee Jong Suk. The guy is known by everyone for his handsome, scholarly beauty. Besides, in the beauty charts of the month, the number 1 position often calls the actor’s name. 

Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time

Shortly, the male actor will return to the Korean screen with a new movie called Big Mouse in collaboration with YoonA. The duo promises to make the Korean screen explode this year.

Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time

Lee Min Ho is no less competitive when he registers himself at No. 2. Not long ago, the actor treated the audience to a new movie called Pachinko . Although his acting is not appreciated, Lee Min Ho’s good looks still attract the attention of netizens.

Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time

3rd place named Song Joong Ki . Despite turning 36 years old, Song Joong Ki still shows his youthful beauty, showing no signs of his age. After the success of Vincenzo , Jeon Yeo Bin’s co-star will reunite with the audience for a new movie called The Youngest Boy of the Tycoon . The JTBC home drama is expected to be released this year.

It’s a pity that Hyun Bin only holds 6th place in the ranking. Recently, he and Son Ye Jin officially returned to the same house with a wedding of the century, sweeping the Asian entertainment industry. In particular, the charm and masculinity of the male lead in ” Crash Landing on You” make many people admire it.

Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time

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Top 20 most handsome Korean actors of all time according to KingChoice’s poll:

1. Lee Jong Suk

2. Lee Min Ho

3. Song Joong Ki

4. Lee Dong Wook

5. Park Bo Gum

6. Hyun Bin

7. Ji Chang Wook

8. Park Seo Joon

9. Lee Joon Gi

10. Kim Woo Bin

11. Kim Soo Hyun

12. Gong Yoo

13. So Ji Sub

14. Park Hae Jin

15. Lee Dong Gun

16. Jung Woo Sung

17. Song Seung Heon

18. Seo Kang Joon

19. Seo In Guk

20. Kim Hyun Joong


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