BTS confirmed to come to the White House to meet US President Joe Biden

BTS will be at the White House and meet the US President to discuss the issue of racism against Asians.

Yesterday (May 26), the White House made an official announcement about the upcoming meeting between BTS and US President Joe Biden. This meeting was to discuss racism against Asians on the occasion of Asian American and Native Hawaiian Heritage Month.

Specifically, according to this announcement, 7 Korean boys will visit President Joe Biden on May 31. Here, they will speak about “the importance of diversity and inclusion and BTS’s foundation as ambassadors that spread messages of hope and positivity around the world”.

BTS at the White House

Immediately after the information was posted, the leader of BTS – RM – also confirmed the information with the fans. At the same time, the male idol affirmed that this visit is for a good purpose, towards the whole community. “We came to the White House with a good purpose, so we will have a nice visit. When I went to the US before for a vacation, I could only see the White House from afar. But this time around. , I will be inside. I thank you all, this visit is also yours,” RM shared with fans.

In 2017, BTS and the management company teamed up with UNICEF to create a campaign against violence called “LOVE me”. The group continued to fulfill its commitment to this campaign last year. Since then, the campaign has continued to raise funds to help UNICEF with its mission to end violence against children and young people.

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