4 reasons why you should watch ‘Why Her’ kdrama

Why Her’ kdrama, Combining elements of romance, and dramatic drama with the solemn atmosphere of the court, the drama Why her (Oh Soo Jae?) Aired yesterday has just revealed a lot of interesting information about the three main characters.

Known as one of the most anticipated TV shows of June, Why Her? (Why Oh Soo Jae?) owns an interesting script with unique characters, performed by a talented Korean star cast. The work is directed by director Park Soo Jin. She is the person behind a series of movie titles that have achieved “terrible” ratings on Korean screens such as “Romantic Doctor Kim” (2016), or When She Sleeps (2017)… before.

The film’s story revolves around the “up and down” journey of Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a talented lawyer who was demoted to the position of teaching assistant at law school. With the help of college student Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop) who has a crush on her, Oh Soo Jae gradually regains her spirit and plans to expose those who have harmed her.

Why Her kdrama

1- Female lawyer aspiring to fame Oh Soo Jae


With her strength, Oh Soo Jae soon made many people jealous when she became the youngest lawyer at TK Law Firm – the leading famous law firm in Korea. She pursues lawsuits with burning enthusiasm, even willing to do everything she believes is right, to win for her clients.

An unexpected horrible incident broke the effort that Oh Soo Jae had built up over the past few years. This event immediately pushed the female lawyer to the bottom of her career. Accepting the job of a teaching assistant to make ends meet, she still tries to find ways to prove that she is trapped by bad guys.

Why Her kdrama

Belonging to the independent and strong type of woman, the female lead Soo Jae attracts the audience thanks to her steadfast and decisive personality. The character is also curious because of its complexity and multidimensionality. Cold and proud as she roamed around, lawyer Oh suddenly became a quiet, suspicious, even harsh person with life after the downhill phase.

This role was assigned by director Park Soo Jin to “beautiful sister” Seo Hyun Jin. As an actress who won the prestigious Baeksang Award, her sharp beauty and diverse transformations bring an excellent incarnation in Why Her?.

2- The warm, optimistic student Gong Chan 

Many years ago, Oh Soo Jae trusted and helped the young Gong Chan acquit in a murder that was falsely convicted. The above turning point prompted Gong Chan to study law. The deep impression on Soo Jae also made him take the benefactor as his ideal girlfriend.

Why Her kdrama

Ironically, when they met again at law school, his admiration for her was quickly shaken by witnessing the “alienation” of the idol. However, the student still hopes his sincerity will make Oh Soo Jae change.

Different from the cold bad boy image in “True Beauty”, the role of a warm young man Gong Chan in the new movie promises a memorable makeover of Hwang In Yeop. Although he is always cheerful and friendly with everyone, few people know that his optimism can only be obtained after the journey to the end of the pain and finding salvation.

3- Psychological manipulation master Choi Ta Guk

With sharp eyes in contrast to a gentle smile, the president of the law firm Choi Ta Guk (Heo Joon Ho) is in the public eye as a majestic but attractive gentleman. To realize his desires, he is not afraid to cross the line between black and white, doing things that are illegal or even immoral.

Beautiful sister Seo Hyun Jin turns black, Hwang In Yeop has a crush on her teacher in the new movie on FPT Play - Photo 4.

In the past, it was this Chairman who actively approached Oh Soo Jae and made an irresistible offer to invite her to join his company. However, with a nature that likes to manipulate others, Choi Ta Guk always skillfully keeps the employees under control and then quietly dominates them, to make sure everything goes according to the schedule he outlined. Veteran Blue Dragon Award-winning star Heo Jun Ho revealed, “Choi Tae Guk is not just a one-sided villain. He possesses an interesting past as well as holds many shocking secrets, greatly influencing him. to the main storyline”.

Beautiful sister Seo Hyun Jin turns black, Hwang In Yeop has a crush on the teacher in the new movie on FPT Play - Photo 5.

With a trio of interesting characters, the movie Why Oh Soo Jae? will bring a new breeze to the topic of Korean lawyers and courts, through the story of the gentle and deep relationship between two law school buddies: Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan.

4- Why Her?, Premieres To No. 1 Ratings

On June 3, SBS’s “Why Her?” premiered at the top of its time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “Why Her?” scored an average nationwide rating of 6.0 percent, taking first place in its time slot as the most-watched Friday-Saturday drama of the night. Additionally, “Why Her?” premiered to slightly higher viewership ratings than its predecessor “Again My Life,” the drama that previously occupied its time slot (which premiered to a nationwide average of 5.8 percent).

“Why Her?” was also the most-watched Friday-Saturday drama of the evening among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it scored an average rating of 2.6 percent

Did watch the first episode of Why Her? on the FPT Play system on June 3 with full subtitles. What are your thoughts about this drama? Let me know in the comment section below.


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