Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix: Hyun Bin – Park Seo Joon compete for the top

In addition to Hyun Bin, and Park Seo Joon, in the top 10 votes, there was also the participation of Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo…

Recently, All About – a website in Japan held a vote on “The most favorite actor in Netflix’s Korean dramas”, appearing in the top 10 are all familiar names like Song Joong. Ki, Gong YooHyun Bin … 

Top 10 most popular Korean actors on Netflix:

10. Kim Soo Hyun 

9. Park Bo Gum 

8. Cha Eun Woo

7. Lee Min Ho 

6. Song Joong Ki 

5. Nam Joo Hyuk

4. Song Kang 

3. Gong Yoo 

2. Hyun Bin 

1. Park Seo Joon

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Surely many people will be surprised when Park Seo Joon can surpass a series of other formidable names such as Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, or Hyun Bin to take the top spot. 


Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix
Park Seo Joon took the top spot. 

But in fact, the actor Park’s surname is very popular with Japanese audiences, and the films he has participated in before, typically What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim… all resonated greatly in the land of the Rising Sun.

Even the Itaewon Class series was bought by Japan for the remake rights, which is enough to understand why Park Seo Joon has the upper hand in this vote. 

Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix
Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix
Park Seo Joon in Itaewon Class. 

Hyun Bin ranked 2nd in the whole group and only lost to Park Seo Joon. 

When it comes to the relationship between Hyun Bin and Netflix, it will be the blockbuster Crash Landing On You. Although her husband Son Ye Jin was once famous in Asia thanks to the success of Secret Garden, the popularity only really exploded at the highest level when he transformed into a North officer. North Korea in Landing On You. 

Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix
Crash Landing On You – a charming movie for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. 

In addition to the veterans in the profession, the top 10 votes also included the participation of young actors, including Nam Joo HyukSong Kang , Cha Eun Woo, and Park Bo Gum. 

The interesting thing here is that Song Kang and Nam Joo Hyuk overcame their seniors in the profession Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, to occupy 4th and 5th positions. 

Top 10 most popular Korean male stars on Netflix
Song Kang stopped in 4th place. 
Nam Joo Hyuk. 

Nam Joo Hyuk has been quite active in recent years. not a professional actor, so when he first entered the profession, he had to suffer a lot of criticism from the audience, for example, acting dumb, acting bad, gong, face paralyzed… but through the latest series Twenty Five, Twenty One, he must have made many people change their prejudices about him. 

With Age 25, Age 21, Nam Joo Hyuk made the audience more or less change their prejudices about him.

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