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Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum will take a private plane to France to attend Celine fashion show

Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum The above information has been confirmed by fashion brand Celine.

Men’s Fashion Week in Paris in 2023 is becoming the focus of attention of fashionistas, attracting the attention of many global fashion lovers. Not only expected by the Spring – Summer 2023 collection, the cult brand Celine is also becoming the most searched keyword, when promising the reunion of 3 names: Lisa, Park Bo Gum and V (BTS) on June 27.

Specifically, the Korean media is buzzing with the news that the three stars will travel to France by private plane on June 24. This information has been officially confirmed by Celine fashion house.

Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum will take a private plane to France to attend the Celine fashion show - Photo 1.

Not only Lisa – Celine’s only female ambassador…


Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum will take a private plane to France to attend the Celine fashion show - Photo 2.

… that V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum will also attend the brand’s Spring – Summer 2023 men’s fashion show

According to the brand information posted, the show will be held at 2pm on June 26. What makes the music world stir is the face-to-face show between 3 famous Korean artists.

Netizen’s comment:

– “Global Ambassador and take a private plane, just reading this is enough”.

– ”Celine and Hedi really adore Lisa, the men’s fashion show but always invite Lisa to attend”.

– ”Oh my god, I can’t wait for all 3 to meet and show up!”.

– ”Today’s morning’s information, hello”.

– ”After 2 years of absence from Celine at Paris Fashion Week, we are about to meet again the memorable global ambassador!”.

– ”Don’t believe it until you see Lisa in France, then believe it”.

– “The first and only global ambassador after 75 years of establishment of the company, there is nothing to be afraid of”.

– “Looking forward to the face-to-face phase of Global Ambassador Celine and 2 Korean stars”.

– ”I hope that two brothers and sisters have a red carpet interaction with each other”.

Once again, Lisa has become a warmly welcomed female idol in this fashion week. The position of Celine’s only brand ambassador was given to her after 75 years of establishment, further honoring the brand value of the name Lisa.

As a face respected by fashion house Louis Vuitton, V (BTS) is also a factor that brands have been eyeing recently. The influence of him and the group BTS has helped the 7 members gain a foothold in the modern fashion industry, despite the controversy about the boys’ charisma and temperament.

Possessing an elegant look and a bright face on the screen, Park Bo Gum also scored when he became the star of the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 fashion show that took place a little while ago. His continued appearance at Celine’s high-end show promises a bright future for this Korean “male god’s” fashion career.

Source: K14


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