Ji-Sung Upcoming Drama, acting twins with one Common Goal in poster release (Adamas)

Actor Ji-sung Upcoming Drama will perform two roles in one person.

The new tvN drama ‘Adamas’, which will be aired for the first time on July 27, will depict the story of an older brother who is looking for the real culprit to clear the frame of his father who killed his stepfather, and a younger brother who is looking for Adamas, evidence of murder. It is a drama about the truth tracker of twin brothers who are two and one.

Boasting a solid lineup of actors, including Ji-sung (Hau-shin, Song Su-Hyeon), Seo Ji-hye (Eun Hye-soo), Lee Soo-Kyung (Kim Seo-hee), Heo Seong-tae (Choi), and Oh Dae-hwan (Lee team leader), they are preparing to meet viewers this summer. 

Ji-sung Upcoming Drama

Above all, it is a bar that is attracting attention with the new work of Ji-sung, who will take on the roles of twin brothers Ha Woo-shin and Song Soo-hyeon. The first poster, finally released, raises expectations by revealing the contrasting image of the intellect, who is overwhelming the atmosphere with the charisma of different grains along with the gray mood of the drama.


First, best-selling mystery novel writer Ha Woo-shin (Ji Seong-min) and Central Prosecutor’s Special Prosecutor’s Office Prosecutor Song Su-hyeon (Ji-seong) are standing in different directions and looking straight ahead. A huge arrow crosses between these brothers, and dark red blood oozes from the spot where the arrowhead is inserted, giving a creepy feeling. 

It seems to describe the fate of twin brothers who stand on different paths to find the truth about Adamas. it is focused

Here, the thick fog that cannot see one inch ahead expresses the reality of those who have not yet reached the truth, paying attention to what truth the twin brothers will face out of the thick fog forest, and even the conspiracy and reversal lurking in front of these brothers. makes it

Meanwhile, ‘Adamas’ will premiere on July 27th at 10:30 PM.

photo = tvN & Naver


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